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🥳 House cleaning employees birthdays and anniversaries who remembers them? Yes, we do!

It’s very important to build a great company culture and a good reputation with your employees, so you can attract more A type employees. Five benefits of remembering their birthday:

  1. Build good rapport
  2. Shows you’re a professional company
  3. Build relationships that last (means lower turnover)
  4. Better performance at work
  5. Creates more referrals

Pipehire reminds you of this! How? You will get an email and notifications inside your dashboard. Don’t let anything fall through the cracks.

Everyone in your company will get an email.

Get notifications on your Pipehire dashboard of Birthdays, Benefits and Anniversaries.

What else should you remember as a Cleaning business manager / owner?

  • Work anniversaries
  • Activation work benefits

Learn more how to setup this on your Pipehire account:

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Written by Juan Chaparro
Pipehire CEO


☝️ Uncovering Common Problems in your Hiring Process and How to Fix Them.

Your customers want everything yesterday and your candidates are no different, they want to work for ambitious fast-moving companies, and will put OFF by a dragging recruitment process.

Hiring process in the past:

• Papper application.
• No process – all in your head.
• Slow to reply.
• Weeks to make a decision.
Owner as a Bottleneck.
• Candidates were not picky.
• Management using a whiteboard, paper or spreadsheet.


Now in 2020.

• Online application.
• Process and systems in one place.
• Same day reply – confirmation of receipt.
• Days to make a decision.
• No bottleneck.
• Digital Onboarding (e-signing).
• Candidates (talent) are treated as a customers.
• Management of HR with metrics, performance and notifications.

Warning signs when you need to Reengineer your Hiring Process.


• You manually enter candidates into an spreadsheet.
• You still have to manually screen resumes/applications.
• You can’t let other people in your office hire new employees.
• You’re taking too long to reply with decision.
• You haven’t been able to grow.
• Waste time in processes and workflows.

Let’s introduce new terms: ATS + HRM

ATS: Which stands for Applicant Tracking System is designed to Automate, Streamline, and Improve the hiring process.

HRM: Approach to the effective management of people in a company such that they help their business gain a competitive advantage. It is designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives.

How’s different from a CRM?A CRM is focused on clients, leads, opportunities…and managing the relationship with the client. Important to have too! So a CRM won’t do the job if ATS or HRM system.

ATS and HR Software Benefits

Accelerates Time-to-Hire up to 83%
Time-to-Hire: All hours needed to recruit, onboard, resume scanning, interviewing, and coordination of appointments.

• Are you as an owner, wasting time calling, verifying past jobs?
• Are you paying an office assistant to do this screening and calls?
• Let the ATS do it for you. Use that resource in a better way, like building a company culture, increasing retention of employees and clients.

How we spend our day is, of course, how we spend our lives” – Annie Dillard

Reduced Cost-to-Hire
Cost-to-hire: The total amount of money needed to recruit a new employee.

• With many tasks being automated, less human hours need to fill a position, your hiring process is more productive and cost-efficient.
• Faster onboarding = Faster client growth.
• Owners time.
• Managers/Office assistant salary.
• Advertising costs.
• Training/tools/supplies.

With many tasks being automated, less human hours to fill a position, your hiring process is more productive and cost-efficient.

Faster onboarding = Faster client growth.


Increased Quality-of-Hire
Quality of Hire: The total VALUE a new employee brings to a company with their performance.

• Lower Turnover
• Higher retention of satisfied customers
• Better Company reviews/brand recognition
• Quality of life for the owner (my favorite!)

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Candidate Lead Scoring 101

1. Understanding the importance of lead scoring in your hiring process.

Candidate lead scoring is the process of assigning values, often in the form of numerical “points,” to each lead you generate for the business. You can score your leads based on multiple attributes, including the background, cleaning questionnaire, past jobs, anything submitted on their application.

Is to save you time and give you:
– Increase the quality of hire
– Reduce the cost of hire
– Increase speed to hire.

Candidate Score Card.

Application Score: The score obtained in their Job application (0-20 points).
Face to face score: The score obtained in their personal interview (0-30).

Pipehire has a built-in Interview tab where the applicants can be scored. Face to Face score using this questionnaire plays a vital role in the process of hiring new cleaning employees.

2. How to identify bad candidates before you hire them.

On The Funnel:
They’re looking for the best job opportunity.
A good candidate scores 7-8 points.
A bad candidate below 5 points.

On Personal Interview:
Missing questions on the application.
Arrive late to interview or reschedule.
They don’t ask questions.
They looking for any job.
Can’t verify past job history.

Great Candidates look like this.

They’re looking for the best job opportunity.
They call and apply within the same day, call/text them back asap.
They fill all the questions to the application.
Prior jobs experience is fully completed.
You can call those past managers.
They show up on time to the interviews on time.
They have a strong word and are committed.
Their NO is NO, and their YES is a YES.
They show integrity.
Ask questions about the company and what’s in it for them.
They ask about what is the company vision for the future.
Score 8-10 points.

3. How to formulate questions in your application that will lead to better candidates.

Closed-ended questions: Give you better scoring capabilities.

What’s your cleaning experience?:
No experience/less than 1 yr (1 point),
2-3 yrs (2 points)
5+yrs (3 points)
Are you available to work M-F 8am-5pm?:
Yes (1 point)
No (0 points)
Are you afraid of working with pets?:
Yes (0 points)
No (1 point)
Do you have a reliable vehicle for work?:
Yes (1 point)
No (0 points)

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😎 The 10 metrics you Need to track & measure to hit $1M Revenue on your house Cleaning Business


1. Revenue and net profit.

All Sales – all expenses = Net profit (18-20%).

2. Number of subscribed clients.

Number of clients on either, weekly, biweekly or monthly (300 clients/15-18 FT employees get you to $1M.

3. Churn Rate.

Number of churned (canceled) clients / total number of subscribed customer (5% or less).

4. Booked Appointments/Booking Ratio.

Total number of booked appointments / Total of bookings requests.

5. Customer to Subscriber Ratio.

Total subscribed clients / Total of all serviced clients (keep this growing) 8-10%.

6. Leads Conversion Ratio.

25% of phone / 20% online.

7. Revenue by Zip code.

Figure out your top 5 zip codes and grow your ad dollars only there.

8. Number of employees/sales per employee.

$55K-$65K/year for a FT employee.

9. Employee Complaints/Compliments.

Count totals and assign a score to each event and employee.

10. Average Sale Size / Revenue by S/F.


Webinar #5 The 10 metrics you need to track and measure to hit $1M