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πŸš€ How to go from Understaffed to Fully Staffed in your Cleaning Business in 2022

Are you ready to capture all the demand for cleaning services? Of course, you do!

But wait, we need people! The problem is how to find people in this crazy market.

In this webinar, we go over an easy-to-follow The Hiring Funnel Framework from understaffed to fully staffed in the new year 2022.

I cover the step-by-step framework of what most successful companies are doing in order to stay staffed and growing while most companies are shutting down. Then, I teach you what I’ve learned in the last 17 yrs and from hundreds of companies I have helped and coached in their recruiting process.

Don’t give up now! A lot of your competitors are shutting down; this is the time to grow!

Get ready for a thriving 2022!

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πŸ”₯ How to be relevant on Google for Jobs

Potential applicants will start their job searching by looking in Google. About 75% of job searches begin there. Google brings together job postings from across the web, whether they’re on websites run by small businesses or job sites with thousands of listings. This helps job seekers easily find their next job directly in Search.

So let’s check Google jobs.

Job openings appear more often on Google Job search results than other online jobs boards like Indeed, Monster or Dice. The same factors that affect your show up on top of Google job search also help get you top rankings in the organic search results.

SEO finds the keywords in your job postings and organizes them through significantly different variations of categories. Therefore, a detailed description of the job position is essential to rich better results. In addition, you can use short-tail SEO keywords or long-tail SEO keywords for better outcomes.
You might include information about pay rate, schedule, location, job requirements, benefits and so on.

To ensure you never miss the right talent, possible candidates can create job alerts and save relevant jobs to view at a later time. Candidates can also save jobs based on their preferences and interests.

At Pipehire, we value your time, and we want to make it easier for you to find the right candidate for the job. Therefore, we have worked so that each of the openings created within our system will  be automatically displayed on Google Jobs.

This automatization will help you reach more candidates and make it easier for your business.

About Us

Learn more about hiring and recruiting for cleaning services.
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Why most Indeed house cleaning applicants are unresponsive and low quality?

Indeed knows they’re the king of the hill and they can charge whatever they want and will continue to optimize and squeeze every dollar for their applicants.

After talking to a lot of other cleaning business owners, I realized why most of the applicants are unresponsive and low-quality applications here are some of my conclusions:


  • The barrier of entry to apply to a job is almost zero. People have to just hit “apply” while watching tv form their couch.
  • Why is so easy to apply? Because applicants just uploads a resume and hit “Apply” and “Apply” to all jobs that seem interesting. No skin in the game whatsoever. Where before, applicants had to think and take 10 minutes and fill an application or walk into an office.
  • If you have no skin on the game while applying to a job, who cares if you get hundreds of emails of different companies trying to connect. There’s simply not enough time to respond to all these companies.

Why does Indeed makes applying so easy?

Short answer: Revenue.

The most applicants Indeed can capture the better, because they can sell applicants information/resume hundred of times to several cleaning businesses in the area.

Reselling the same name to local businesses is their business model, this is why applicants don’t respond, they have hundreds of cleaning services contacting them as soon as they “apply”.

What can you do to avoid getting low quality applications from Indeed?

✍️ Have applicants apply on your website rather than on Indeed. Is that simple! but there’s an issue with this, Indeed doesn’t want you to know this, that’s why you have to contact Indeed to help enable/unlock this feature in your account.

Why I can’t send applicants to apply to my website?… I don’t see that option on my Indeed’s account!

You can’t see it because it’s not there, you have to call Indeed’s phone number (1-800-462-5842) and ask to Enable your account to redirect applicants to your website so you can edit your job and redirect people to apply to any website, form or url you want.

This option in the image below appears once you have your account enabled to send applicants to other urls.

indeed apply form url redirect applicants to my own website

Ok, I’ve called Indeed and unlocked my account? Now how I can accept my applications online?

There are a thousand options to build an online application form. these are some:

Google forms

Gravity Forms

There’s one issue with the above solutions. What?

You’re going to spend some time typing the question and building that job application, and once it’s complete publish it, go back to Indeed and redirect the applicants. Once you do this you will be finally getting better applicants, that at least some people that took the time and filled your form.

Since the applicants won’t be landing in the “candidates” section of Indeed, you’ll instead get emails of applicants in your inbox.
You will have to filter and screen manually and spend time on this process….not the best solution but definitely better than trying to contact people that just hit “apply” on Indeed.

What’s a better solution for cleaning business owners with not a lot of time to build a form from scratch?

Use a tool like Pipehire which is designed for cleaning businesses. See this brief 1 min video explaining how you can recruit more cleaning applicants in less time:


  • It comes with a professionally written house cleaning job application template that’s ready to copy/paste designed for residential house cleaning companies.
  • The hiring funnel will make your recruiting process a breeze so you manage all your applicants properly in one visual interface, no more emails.
  • Will save you time and money because applicants get scored based on their answers to a professional house cleaning application questionaire.
  • At the end of the application, only high quality applicants only will be shown an option to book an Interview, in person, via zoom or call, by using our Calendly intregation. This will allow them to book their own interviews in your calendar without you having to follow up and chase them. See how applicants can book their own appointments on this video.

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πŸ’» Maid Service Recruiting Software – ClickUp vs Pipehire

Can I use ClickUp vs Pipehire for recruiting cleaning techs?The short answer is yes!…but there’s work to do on your part. In this video, I cover what’s needed to setup Clickup for recruiting. All the steps are explained in this video.

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✈️ The Cleaning Employee Journey with Coach Art Locke

Good news: The only reason people pay us is to hire housekeepers/cleaning techs to clean their homes.

Bad news: If we’re failing on this our business existence is at risk.

If you attended the last CBF retreat in Denver one of the most important lessons was though by Coach Art Locke, explaining the Employee Journey step by step and how we can improve this process, to make the journey more successful and hire more employees.
The not-so-good news is that there’s a lot of moving parts to this and most people can’t execute on this as fast as possible… and if you want to succeed in this current employee market, you need a system to do this successfully!
In this webinar, Art Locke goes over the Employee Journey and Juan Chaparro goes over how to implement this within Pipehire. (most of it).

Questions on managing cleaning employees? Email us at or visit us at to learn how better to manage all your cleaning employees with our hiring software.

How-To Webinars

πŸ”₯ How to Increase Employee Retention by 10x

How do you make sure that, once you found the perfect cleaning tech for your customers, you will keep them? As a cleaning company owner, how do you guarantee that your cleaning techs are happy πŸ˜ƒ and stay with you for long?

βœ… You want the best results, but it’s also important to have the right team. πŸ‘ In this webinar, I discuss how retention tactics πŸ“‹ can be implemented in order to prevent losing good cleaning techs.

πŸ€” Questions on managing cleaning employees? Email us at or visit us at Pipehire to learn how to better manage all your cleaning employees with our hiring software.


🧠 Debbie Sardone and Juan Chaparro on automating Hiring, HR and Management in your Cleaning Business.

Debbie Sardone interviews Juan Chaparro CEO of Pipehire the all-in-one HR and Management software. In this video they discuss how to automate your hiring and manage everything HR related in the house cleaning business.

πŸ€” Questions on managing cleaning employees?

Email us at or visit us at Pipehire to learn how to manage better all you cleaning employees.