✈️ The Cleaning Employee Journey with Coach Art Locke

Good news: The only reason people pay us is to hire housekeepers/cleaning techs to clean their homes.

Bad news: If we’re failing on this our business existence is at risk.

If you attended the last CBF retreat in Denver one of the most important lessons was though by Coach Art Locke, explaining the Employee Journey step by step and how we can improve this process, to make the journey more successful and hire more employees.
The not-so-good news is that there’s a lot of moving parts to this and most people can’t execute on this as fast as possible… and if you want to succeed in this current employee market, you need a system to do this successfully!
In this webinar, Art Locke goes over the Employee Journey and Juan Chaparro goes over how to implement this within Pipehire. (most of it).

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🧠 Debbie Sardone and Juan Chaparro on automating Hiring, HR and Management in your Cleaning Business.

Debbie Sardone interviews Juan Chaparro CEO of Pipehire the all-in-one HR and Management software. In this video they discuss how to automate your hiring and manage everything HR related in the house cleaning business.

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