Pipehire Forms – Understanding the types of questions you can create for online job applications

Hello everyone, we create these simple images so you guys can start building your own applicant forms.

6 Type of Questions

1. Short Answer Type

Short-answer questions are open-ended questions that require applicants to create an answer.

2. Paragraph Type

Paragraph based questions ask applicants to complete, specific information about any given question.

3. Choose One Answer(radio button)

Use Radio Button questions to ask your response to choose a single option from a short list.

4. Multiple Answer (checkbox)

Checkbox question allow your respondents to select multiple answers from a list.

5. Dropdown List

Dropdown is a closed-ended question that allows respondents to choose one answer choice from a list of choices presented in a dropdown menu.

6. Date Question

This question type can be used to ask for a certain date.

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