October 13, 2021
🚀 Product Updates – Fall 2021

We want to share all our new product updates. Our development team has been working hard to improve our platform and offer you better solutions in the hiring process. So let’s get a look and see all the new features available for you. Pipehire-Calendly Integration Take Action! The best applicants can now schedule an appointment with one click. No back […]

By Juan Chaparro
October 5, 2021
✈️ The Cleaning Employee Journey with Coach Art Locke

Good news: The only reason people pay us is to hire housekeepers/cleaning techs to clean their homes. Bad news: If we’re failing on this our business existence is at risk. If you attended the last CBF retreat in Denver one of the most important lessons was though by Coach Art Locke, explaining the Employee Journey step by step and how we can improve this process, to […]

By Juan Chaparro
September 28, 2021
🧐 Identify Applicants Who Are Reapplying For The Same Position Again.

Use Pipehire to identify applicants who have previously applied to one of your job offers. By targeting these resumes from the beginning, you can use a targeted yet less expensive approach to help you move forward with those applicants and close more offers. Get notified when an applicant is applying to one of your job […]

By Luis Chaparro
September 8, 2021
🌟 The Dream Manager concept – Supercharging Your House Cleaning Business

Unreliable workforce, no one applying, or employees quitting? Is this your day-to-day? Don’t let it be this way. “A company can only become the best-version-of-itself to the extent that its employees are becoming better versions of themselves.” –  Matthew Kelly. I reached out to my friend Ken Carfagno, who has been teaching me about the Dream […]

By Juan Chaparro
August 3, 2021
Hiring Cleaning Technicians – 🏅 How To Score Your Job Applicants

Ever wish to score cleaning applicants so you could hire better cleaning techs without so much wasted time and frustration? Applicant lead scoring is an effective model that we use to help cleaning business owners and office managers identify which applicants are potentially the most valuable hires to your company that will stay longer and perform better […]

By Juan Chaparro
July 21, 2021
🎯 Should hiring cleaners be Effective or Efficient?

Efficient hiring is doing it with the least amount of wasted time, money and resources, (e.g., letting cleaners book themselves an interview) but hiring should be done with effectiveness in mind first. Why? Because we need to produce the desired result – a long-lasting, awesome cleaner and a loyal employee. If we can save time and resources as well while being effective, […]

By Juan Chaparro
July 14, 2021
🔥 How to Increase Employee Retention by 10x

How do you make sure that, once you found the perfect cleaning tech for your customers, you will keep them? As a cleaning company owner, how do you guarantee that your cleaning techs are happy 😃 and stay with you for long? ✅ You want the best results, but it’s also important to have the […]

By Juan Chaparro
July 13, 2021
🕵🏻‍♂️ Let’s Track All The Job Applications Out There!

Tracking the source of job applicants can be tricky; Pipehire solves this problem by creating an original data source for every record (job application) sent through our system. Company owners want to know that they are using their time and effort wisely. They want to see the ROI. Pipehire forms enable you to track where […]

By Juan Chaparro
June 30, 2021
📣 Qualified Applicants SMS Feature

Know when qualified applicants enter your funnel, track their progress through the hiring process. Pipehire SMS bot keeps you in the loop by sending automatic, targeted text messages to your cellphone. This effectively increases the chances of acting on new applicants quickly. 🤔 Questions on managing cleaning employees? Email us at support@pipehirehrm.com or visit us at Pipehire to learn how to better manage […]

By Juan Chaparro
June 29, 2021
🥊 How to use Facebook to publish job offers in “job groups” in your city?

Learn how to leverage the power of social media to build brand awareness and generate cleaning applicants/leads. Pipehire is a great way to post your job offers on Facebook. Imagine posting a job offer in less than a minute. That’s what we do for you. Each job offer has the option to be published within […]

By Luis Chaparro
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