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✅ TaskAway Virtual Assistants now trained to help with Pipehire

If you happen to use TaskAway VA’s (which are awesome) they are now trained to use and manage your Pipehire account. We’ve working with Maria Dorian to make this available to our clients.With a TaskAway VA trained in Pipehire they can help you with the following:

  • Post your job form into Indeed, Facebook or any other jobs website.
  • Help you verify applicants before an in-person or zoom interview.
  • Collect all onboarding docs from your employees and upload them.
  • Setup reminders of expired documents so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Migrate/upload your employees information from other systems (just provide us a login or excel file and we will do all the hard work)
  • Enter all Complaints/Compliments into Pipehire so each employee gets their score
  • Move all your employees files into Pipehire cloud file so you centralize everything in one place and much more.

Why join forces?

We believe this partnership will allow clients to have a better and more complete back office support making their offices to run more independent of the business owner creating freedom.

I’ve hired many virtual assistants during the last 10 years and Taskaway really has nailed down the market for helping other cleaning business owners without the process of hiring their own VA’s in other countries. This is truly a competitive advantage and I truly admire what she is building with her team.

To get started contact Maria Dorian at Taskaway for more information.