At Pipehire we believe in a less stressful hiring/management process that delivers better results and eliminates repetitive work, reducing day-to-day stress caused by recruiting headaches.

Pipehire was born out of necessity a few years ago to streamline the hiring experience from posting to selecting candidates and managing employees.

With Pipehire you get innovative hiring software built for cleaning companies.

With the support of novel technologies, cleaning businesses can automate all their hiring and management processes in minutes by creating a completely digital hiring workflow.

Hire better people faster by posting job listings to our network, screening candidates, bringing them into interviews, and expanding your team.

It’s a lot of work; we have a long way to go, but we’re just as excited about it as you are!

Back in 2002, Karen and I were selling door-to-door cookware in hot and humid Houston, TX trying to get ahead in life as a young 18 and 21-year-old couple.

In the afternoons, we used to go to the big-box retailers looking to meet people to eventually visit and demo our cookware. One night during our regular visits to these retailers, we met a lady who introduced us to a multilevel business. We got started in it and did our very best for four years, but saw zero results. ☚ī¸

One of the members in this group saw us in such bad financial shape that they brought us to clean homes with them to learn the basics so we could clean for others. Soon after, we started working for a home cleaning service as employees. A few months later, due to bad management and how they treated us, we decided to start a cleaning company of our own. That’s how Gmaids got started and the firestarter to Pipehire.

Pipehire was created of one simple need in our cleaning company:

Hire faster and better cleaning employees without sifting through a lot of applications or wasting valuable time.

We tried many applicant-tracking softwares / apps for small businesses and task-management tools to avoid things falling through the cracks. Our main issues were:

We found a problem 🤔

No software or tool was designed for the residential cleaning industry, nor had the cleaning-business owner in mind, that could help in the process of making hiring and management easier. In 2017 I started to draw a concept of a funnel-type website that could give a score to my job applicants. I asked my brother, Luis, to help us find a web developer to help us do it for our own cleaning business.

How Ruben got involved 🚴

Luis was into cycling and he remembered that Ruben, an old friend in this cycling group, had quit from United Nations as senior developer. He reached out to him and, soon after, started working on improving Gmaids’ back-end software and learning about the challenge of hiring cleaning employees. After a few months of coding, we came up with a scoring system for recruiting employees based on their answers, which will make hiring and recruiting easier.

We got a solution! 🚀

So after building and making hiring easier for Gmaids, Pipehire was launched to the public in March 2020 as a standalone HR and management software for cleaning services. We’re focused on building software tools for growing residential cleaning services across the U.S. and the world.


Juan, Luis and Ruben

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

It’s very important to build a great company culture and a good reputation with your employees, so you can attract more A type employees. Five benefits of remembering their birthday:

  1. Build good rapport
  2. Shows you’re a professional company
  3. Build relationships that last (means lower turnover)
  4. Better performance at work
  5. Creates more referrals

Pipehire reminds you of this! How? You will get an email and notifications inside your dashboard. Don’t let anything fall through the cracks.

Everyone in your company will get an email.

Get notifications on your Pipehire dashboard of Birthdays, Benefits and Anniversaries.

What else should you remember as a Cleaning business manager / owner?

Learn more how to setup this on your Pipehire account:

Need help implementing this? Go to and contact us on the live chat, email us at

Written by Juan Chaparro
Pipehire CEO

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