Side by Side Comparison

🔥 The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Solutions for the Residential Cleaning Industry in 2021

Hiring house-cleaning techs has become more and more complicated, especially when we’re all in the same place spending thousands on Indeed without much to show for it. Thankfully, as our industry evolves, creative entrepreneurs have been solving this problem in different ways.

I want to share a side-by-side comparison of hiring solutions for cleaning employees in 2021. I often see people get confused, asking if they should use Pipehire, Wootrecruit or Blueskies to solve their hiring problems.

All these services above are very different and I want with this article help you understand the differences so you can decide what works best for you and your business. I know the founders of these companies and they are all great people; we’re just trying to solve the hiring and recruiting pains for cleaning-service owners from a different angle. Make sure you listen to the webinar Hiring Trends and Strategies with Amar Ghose so you can thrive in 2021.

So let’s get started.

Hiring Solutions Compared Side by Side


What is it? It’s an all-in-one hiring, HR and management software as a service (Saas) tool for cleaning businesses.

What it does: Pipehire provides an all-in-one online hiring platform that offers everything you need to find, hire, onboard and manage cleaning techs.

Pipehire offers a full suite of solutions into one such as: Applicant Tracking System, HR software, the ability to run background checks, track attendance, complaints, get notifications on birthdays/anniversaries and more, all in one system.

Who is this perfect for? The perfect client of Pipehire is the professional cleaning-business owner that wants to track and measure their whole HR and management operations/processes, onboarding, complaints, attendance, and everything employee-related from end-to-end.

Setup Fee: $0.00. Free migration assistance included.

Monthly plans: $39.00 up $149.00


What is it? It’s a full-service recruiting agency for cleaning businesses.

What it does: Blueskies provides a recruiting-service agency that helps cleaning businesses from end-to-end. This includes posting ads, talking to candidates, sorting through resumes and much more. They will send them your way, pre-screened, for a 1-1 interview.

Who is this perfect for? The perfect client for Blueskies is someone that doesn’t want to get involved in finding and screening the employee, or anything related to the search or evaluation process of candidates. They want a team to do this for them.

Setup fee: Prices might vary. Please check with Blueskies.

Monthly plans: Several packages. Please check with Blueskies.


What is it? It’s a lead-generation service that posts ads on Indeed to generate cleaning-technician leads.

What it does: Wootrecruit will create a landing page for your business and will post cleaning ads for you, then allows cleaning applicants to book themselves using a Calendly and Google calendar integration via Zapier. You’ll get notified of interviews via email.

Who is this perfect for? Cleaning-business owners that need help posting and managing Indeed ads and getting applicants booked in their schedule with minimal effort on their part.

Setup fee: $399- $999

Monthly plans: From $59.00 up to $99.00

Pipehire vs Blueskies main differences:

1. Pipehire is an HR and management software with great customer support and groundbreaking technology for the residential cleaning industry. It was built in-house in 2018 to solve many of the HR problems in our own cleaning business, with three goals in mind:

1. Reduce the time to hire great cleaning employees.
2. Increase the quality of new the hires.
3. Reduce the cost of the hiring process and management.

In 2020, we released it to the public so other cleaning business owners could manage their cleaning techs in one integrated solution.

2. Blueskies is a recruiting agency, NOT a software company, operated and managed by Dan Platta, a great entrepreneur and accounting nerd. Blueskies uses CareerPlug, a third-party hiring software to give you access to your applicants. CareerPlug is designed to publish jobs on search engines. Evaluation and sorting through candidates is handled by the Blueskies team. CareerPlug is not an HR software – it will not allow you track HR data, such as complaints, attendance, expired documents, disciplinary actions, birthdays/anniversaries, etc. Blueskies might use other applicant-tracking systems for their clients, but the important part here is that you understand that Blueskies provides a recruiting-service agency that helps cleaning businesses from end-to-end.

🤔 Can I use Pipehire and Blueskies together?

Yes, you can use Blueskies recruiting expertise to help you find the employees and send them to your Pipehire account for you to do the onboarding, run background checks and track all management and HR-related tasks that begin when you hire a new cleaner. There are some companies using this powerful combination, and you get the best of both worlds.

🎯 Conclusion Pipehire or Blueskies?

If you want a hiring agency to do all the work for you, then Blueskies is the best fit for you. If you want a software tool that’ll help you run and operate your HR department in one integrated solution, then Pipehire is for you.

Pipehire vs Wootrecruit main differences:

Pipehire HR software is focused on these five areas of the business:

  1. Finding/scoring great candidates
  2. Hiring and running background checks
  3. Onboarding the right people with step-by-step checklists (e-signature coming 2021)
  4. Managing employee data like attendance, complaints, benefits, birthdays/anniversaries, time-off requests.
  5. Educating/training cleaning employees and business owners with one goal in mind: Making the process easier, faster and better for the residential business owner.

We believe these 5 areas make up the Employee Lifecycle that must be running under control in order to succeed as cleaning business owner.

Wootrecruit WordPress landing pages are focused on lead-generation of cleaning applicants by helping you post on Indeed and then allowing your applicants to self-book an interview in your calendar.

What’s the difference in the filtering and screening process between Pipehire and Wootrectuit?

Wootrecruit’s filtering process, explained.

Wootrecruit offers a basic filtering process on the following questions:

  • Are you authorized to work in the US?
  • Are you willing to undergo a background check in accordance with local laws and regulations?
  • Do you have a valid driver’s license?
  • Do you have a reliable vehicle for driving to jobs?
  • Are you available to work Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm?
  • Are you afraid of or allergic to either cats or dogs?
  • Are you currently employed?

Applicant Flow:

  1. Indeed applicant lands on company landing page
  2. Answers initial screening questions (above)
  3. An applicant that passes the screening questions is then prompted to fill out another set of questions with their personal information.
  4. Then, the applicant books an interview via Calendly.
  5. Scheduled meeting with applicant shows in business owner’s email and calendar.

At this point, Wootrecruit’s job is over and you should start the onboarding process somewhere else.

Pipehire filtering process explained.

Applicant Flow:

  1. From any source, the applicant visits a custom URL to answer a 4-part application. This job form can be embedded into the company website to increase conversions. Pipehire forms have built in metrics to show you total visitors and a conversion rate.
  2. Once the form is completed the applicant’s information arrives in your Funnel with a “Recruiting Score” on the top right (see image below)
  3. Applicant is then moved to “Qualified Stage” where a quick call to verify the applicant’s questions are true and complete. In this step, you’re dealing with less than 10% of applicants. During the call, offer two dates for in-person or Zoom interview.
View of Hiring Funnel within Pipehire
Pipehire forms have built in metrics to show you total of visitors and conversion rate.

Pipehire handles appointment-setting differently.

4. The applicants who agree to come for the interview are moved into the “To be Interviewed” funnel, and at this point (image below), the system will display the menu below. The applicant is then filtered again with confirmation that he/she must accept via SMS or email.

Moving applicant to “To be Interviewed Stage”
This screen contains a unique url so the candidate can confirm or reschedule.
Text message received by the applicant.

5. If the person does confirm the appointment, they’ll be shown in green and any unconfirmed applicants will most likely be disqualified (In this stage we’re at 2-3 % of applicants).

6. You will continue moving the applicants to further funnel stages once you’ve decided to hire. Pipehire will assist you in the HR process that comes afterward:

  • Onboarding tracking
  • Background checks
  • Keeping track of attendance, birthdays, anniversaries and much more.

What do the colors in the funnel mean?

  • Red: Disqualified; their score is too low and they don’t meet basic requirements.
  • Yellow: Fair/OK; candidates meet the basic requirements but they’re not the most qualified.
  • Green: Best and most qualified; these are the A-players that meet all the basic requirements and, based on their answers to a 4-part application and internal analytics developed by Pipehire, will be shown in green.

Self-booking applicants to your calendar? Shotgun style is not as effective as it seems.

We believe having someone pass the initial screening-question filter is “OK” but is not a great way to find the most capable and qualified employees – definitely not those A-players. Why? Because you could get someone with all the initial questions answered show up to your office and when you meet this person, find out that they’re not a problem solver and they live to too far away from your service area. Time is wasted meeting with people who just pass the basic filter (initial screening) and book themselves on your calendar. Pipehire’s advanced job-application form allows you to filter and give a score to each applicant.

Every job position open will have this color coded scoring.

🎯 Conclusion Pipehire or Wootrecruit?

If you want a lead-generation service with an Indeed account manager, then Wootrecruit is the best fit for you. If you want an applicant-tracking software that helps you find top talent with an advanced filtering process, then Pipehire is for you. Also, if HR is a critical component for keeping your business organized, then Pipehire offers this as well.

Hiring is the easy part! The hardest job starts once employees are on your payroll.

– Juan Chaparro

Business Hiring

💸 Spending Thousands on Indeed Ads for house cleaners? Get the most of your money with Pipehire Scoring.

Indeed is great… but the problem is, it’s getting more expensive by the day. Is it somewhat our fault? Well, I think so; we cleaning-business owners contribute to this by putting more money in the same basket, same category, same ads. Indeed’s pricing algorithm does and will continue to increase pricing in whatever direction they want (up), and now that they own Glassdoor, they own 80%+ of the job search in the US.

Indeed is clearly the biggest player for cleaning-job candidates. But throwing more money at the problem doesn’t give you better results. Yes, you can tweak the ads, the cost per click and the budget, but this is where effectiveness vs efficiency comes in play.

Self-booking applicants to your calendar? Shotgun style is not as effective as it seems.

I believe having someone pass the initial screening questions is “OK” but isn’t a great way to find the best possible employees – not those A-players for sure. Why? Because someone who passed the initial screening questions could show up at my office and, in the middle of the interview, I could find out they’re not a qualified applicant and they live too far away from my service area. Time is wasted meeting with people who just pass the initial screening and book themselves on your calendar. Pipehire’s advanced job-application form allows you to filter and give a score to each applicant.

🎯 Should hiring cleaners be Effective or Efficient?

Efficient hiring is doing it with the least amount of wasted time, money and resources, (e.g., letting cleaners book themselves an interview) but hiring should be done with effectiveness in mind first. Why? Because we need to produce the desired result – a long-lasting, awesome cleaner and a loyal employee. If we can save time and resources as well while being effective, then that’s the cherry on top.

Juan Chaparro

The key to the best ROI is scoring your candidates and meeting the RIGHT people (the A-players) by not letting just anyone book an appointment simply because they have a car, a driver’s license and can work 8am-5pm.

A problem no one had solved.

At year 13 when my cleaning company was growing the fastest, I came to realize that the biggest bottleneck was finding the RIGHT employees. I created a team called Gmaids Digital in which we had one goal in mind: to build a web tool quickly identify cleaning applicants using a scoring system. When you get hundreds or even thousands of applicants, it’s difficult to determine who to call for an interview.

How do you become more effective at hiring cleaning techs?

First you have to think with a “sniper” mindset, not “shotgun” style. I hear a lot of people saying that hiring is a numbers game…well, yes and no. You have to get a great volume of candidates in the funnel so the chances of getting A-players increase. But once you have identify them (green color), then you only focus on the A-players, not on meeting every possible applicant.

What’s next? Once you have those A-players….

Next step is to call and verify (this could be you or the office manager) and then verify all the data in the application. Then you give them two options for an interview and send them an email and text confirmation. They will have to confirm by clicking the link on their cell phone or email. This step might seem inefficient, but it’s critical to get the few ones worth interviewing. Again, I want to be effective here on this step…it doesn’t do any good to sit and wait to talk to 15 people who self-booked an interview, when we just needed to talk to two or three in the first place. You want to be effective first. 🎯

Pipehire Interview appointments, cleaning technician
Pipehire’s 2 way confirmation. An applicant not confirmed is a no show 9 out 10.

🚦 How Pipehire scores cleaning applicants

The score is given to the answers completed by the applicant during the job-application form. Each question could have one or several points assigned, and some others could have negative points. So the more questions with the right answers, the more points = better applicants.

Within Pipehire you can create custom questions that will give you another way to filter and score. Below, you see this custom question that takes away 5 points from the applicant, automatically disqualifying them.

You can build open or close ended questions.

Pipehire also shows the Best Possible Score Form, depending on how you set up your questions score.

Best Possible Score can vary depending on the score assigned to each question.

How do you quickly identify the good, the bad and the ugly?

Each applicant comes with a score and it’s color-coded to see the best candidates quickly (see image below).

When you see applicants in your funnel, you’ll see three colors:

  • Green: “A-player” Best and most qualified. They comply with all the requirements and much more. These are the A-players where you should focus your time and effort.
  • Yellow: “B-player” Fair/OK = It’s an average candidate who complies with the basics such as: owns a car, driver’s license and can work 8am-5pm, but still not a great applicant.
  • Red: “C-player” Disqualified = Abandoned the application (never submitted) and/or simply has none of the basic requirements. No need to waste your time talking to red candidates.
On this image above: Out of 37 applicants, 6 are A-Players, 1 is already working, 1 is in training, 1 more coming to an interview and 3 more waiting to confirm the appointment.

So what to do with Indeed’s raising pricing?

Whatever your budget is, don’t just meet every applicant. Send those applicants to apply to your company using Pipehire’s scoring forms and connect to those marked in green. You can embed the form in your website or get a quickly sharable link like this one in under 5 minutes – just upload your logo and pass it along, post it to Indeed, FB jobs and share it with your employees. They’re the ones most likely to bring you new A-players, and this should be happening if you’re building the right company culture anyway.

🔥 Conclusion: Try to experiment with other channels to find great cleaning techs!


Videos targeted to zip codes where your workers live.

  • Link to job form
  • Track source within your job form and assign points
  • Evergreen content
  • Spend $3K-4K one time


I like employees with hotel experience because they have:

  • Speed 
  • Consistency
  • Rigorous schedule
  • Must be polite to clients
  • Can recruit others for you


Hit-or-miss situation, but still another source on your day-to-day:

  • Have your employees distribute business cards/flyers inside these locations
  • Incentivize with $250 after 3 months of work
  • Track it on the webform

👊 Your Own Workforce is the BEST ROI!

This is by far the best way to grow your workforce. People who come recommended will last longer and be loyal.

  • Must have incentives $250 after 3 months
  • Benefits
  • Solid company culture that will bring more an more people

🤔 Questions on managing cleaning employees?

Email us at or visit us at Pipehire to learn how to better manage all your cleaning employees with our hiring software.


😥 Customer Feedback Hurting Your Cleaning Employees? What to do About It…

This is something we rarely think about when we’re small and only have a handful of clients and cleaners.

When I started my cleaning business 16 years ago, we didn’t care much about hurting an employee with customer feedback, which can be very offensive at times. I wanted to still provide my employee some feedback without disclosing everything, to keep them from getting their feelings hurt. House cleaning is a hard job and the last thing we want is to discourage employees from going into customers’ houses.

I tried speaking to my dispatching software, and asked if there was a way to send filtered feedback to my employees, but they didn’t care about this (they received too many features requests.) This is one of the main problems I’ve noticed with scheduling software – that they only care about scheduling/dispatching, and not employee management.

I put my head to work and told my team to build a solution that would:

  1. Allow me to send feedback easily to my cleaning techs via text message.
  2. Allow me to upload photos of the home, otherwise the employee might not remember which house we were talking about.
  3. Be easy for my office staff to keep updated and be aware of the customer complaints. When there’s too much automation, office staff and sales teams forget to pay attention to problems for the management team to solve.

Pipehire’s Complaint Tracker is easy to use and implement. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Quick select of the employee and customer: A preloaded list of employees and customers to eliminate data entry.

Step 2: Pick a category of the complaint and zip code: This will allow you to see a future-complaints analysis report (coming in 2021) to spot problems in your company and be able to do retraining. Entering zip codes will show you problematic zip codes in your city so you can avoid marketing there.

Step 3: Enter the complaint: Enter here the actual feedback provided by the client.

Step 4: Check a box if the field manager checked the job: This is important so you can tell if your field manager is doing his/her job.

Step 5: Did this complaint generate a negative review?: You want to track whether these complaints are generating negative reviews on Yelp or Google, so you can measure the impact on your business.

Step 6 and 7: Status of employee and customer resolution. This is a way to have a status of resolution with the customer as well as the cleaner. If you don’t close a complaint properly, it could bite you in the backside, as it happened to me with a flooded house. So, make sure you track and close all complaints. A good cleaning service will make sure their clients are truly satisfied, not only when things are going well but when there are issues to solve.

Step 8: Only save or be able to send a text message to the employee quickly.

Only Save: Will only save the entry for the owner or manager of the company. The employee will never be notified about this.

Save and Send SMS to Employee: The entry will be saved in the employee record and the employee also will receive a text message with the following info:

  • Date of compliment
  • Name of the client
  • Reason
  • Description of the compliment

Step 9: Enter a Complaints Score (1 to 5)

The complaints have a score too, 1 being a Light Complaint, such as, “they forgot to clean a mirror” and 5 being a Hard Complaint, like, “they almost killed my dog,” or “they flooded my house,” or something extreme. 

We use these scores to feed the leaderboard that rates your employees from 1 to 5, 5 being the best. 

How to Avoid Hurting Employee Morale

The little checkbox (see image below): If you uncheck the box, the employee will not see the description or full text of the complaint. We built this because we needed to let the employee know about the compliment/complaint without hurting their feelings. Being able to block the copy from the client if we want to protect the cleaner’s feelings is the key to avoiding discouraged employees.

However, if the employee needs to be let go due to constant performance issues, they’ll be able to read all their feedback if they wish.

Watch the video:


🧠 [Pipehire Webinar] Hiring Cleaners and Virtual Assistants Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid with Maria Dorian(Task Away)

Hello everyone, I’ve spoken and worked with Maria Dorian a lot about hiring and managing employees cleaning employees and virtual assistants.

We decided to get together to share our best practices and pitfalls, so you can thrive and finally grow your cleaning business in 2021.

Download Webinar PDF

Eight Amazing Topics:

1. Interviewing IS a sales process: Sure we need to qualify them to be sure the candidate has the basics (clean background, car, etc) but then it turns into a sales process where we need to show them why they want to work for us / the company so they can stick around longer reducing employee turnover.

2. Pick the right Candidates: Learn what types of people, personalities make good cleaners. Is it the experienced ones? Those that never cleaned homes? Learn once and for all who to hire.

3. Rewarding employees for referrals: We will cover how to offer properly sign up bonuses for them after training and a sign up bonus for anyone they refer.

4. Advertising channels: Learn how to generate leads from other unusual channels like Youtube, Hotels, local events and even handing out business cards at the grocery story for clerks and other helpful people that you meet that may be looking for a different industry.

5. Trust is everything: Make a candidate feel safe from the moment they go into your website and fill the job form. The more information you could give them about how their first day will go, the better. Trust increases conversions and reduces your hiring costs..

6. Personal relationships: After the candidate’s first day, the person who did the interviewing should call them to see how it went on their first day.

7. Building company culture: Avoid having a revolving door of new applicants, work on company culture. This will set you apart from the competition and will help with trust and personal relationship building.

8. How to properly do exit interviews: Find out why they are leaving and fix what needs fixing in the organization. A $25 Amazon card for their time helps to get honest answers from cleaners leaving the organization. Learn to track the offboarding process of each employee.

Reserve your Spot:

Date: 1/28/21 @ 6pm ET

Product Updates

😛 New Year, New Features coming in 2021

👋 Happy new year everyone! Coming back from a long vacation recharged to continue building the #1 HR software for cleaning services. We got tons of ideas and great feedback for 2021!

We have a clear roadmap with priorities of what to build but…. want to hear from you as we’re making final decisions on new features coming out in 2021. Please click on the link below 👇 for the features you’d like to see coming in 2021.

Product Updates

🥳 Groundbreaking House Cleaning Management Dashboard will be releasing in December 2020

My first 13 yrs of my cleaning business were pretty stressful because I couldn’t retain good employees. I met Debbie Sardone and she help us solved the issues with the Pay by Performance model and much more 😁 Thanks Debbie!

Then another problem popped up? Couldn’t hire people fast enough to keep with the growth of the business, I looked for many hiring solutions for our industry and I couldn’t find anything that will fit our business model.

In 2018 I started developing an internal tool to help us hire faster and better employees. It’s been a success for my own business and it solved the problem! Several months went by and I showed to couple of CBF members and they told me if they could use it for their business and I said why not?

We released Pipehire in 2020 to the public during CBF Dallas during the beginning of pandemic and thank God has been a success! We’re grateful for first people that believed in us Jacquie Shinniman, Jamie Spurrell, Maria Ramirez, Renee Dickinson and Maggie Zwol true early adopters. 🤓

Less Stress, More Life for Cleaning Business Owners.

For 2021 we declared the year of “Less Stress, More Life” in which we focus on building solutions that help you have better quality of life as cleaning business owner. In 2020 we learned the hard way that life is too short. I plan to live my life with less things running in my head, but rather put systems in place to keep that running. My mind is for creativity, dreaming, giving, helping, not for storage, tracking issues or micromanaging staff.

The first steps towards a Less stressful business is here, we call the the Owner’s Dashboard and will have the following features.

Pipehire new Management Dashboard help you see at a glance:

Appointment Calendar: Will allow to see applicants who have confirmed and unconfirmed appointments. This feature will save you time and will give you a real expectation of the your day. Learn more about this.

• Coming up Employee birthdays and anniversaries: You will be able to send SMS messages to a particular employee on their birthday or work anniversary. Learn more.

Expiring documents: You don’t want your employees running with a expired document ever!. This feature will show you who has expiring documents. Watch a video.

• Remind you of unsolved complaints: There’s some cleaning complaints that are very serious and that will need to be reminded of and properly closed (this feature was inspired by this real life case The Flooded house complaint). You can also setup the reminder here and also how often. You can tell the system to skip the weekends so you are not bothered. Learn more about complaints.

New Applicants with Score: When you need employees fast you want to be alerted of. This section will show you newest applicants and their employee score.

Why we build this? We want to help our users become proactive and efficient and spend less time worrying about their cleaning business operations and live with less stress.

When this feature will be released to the public?
December 2020.

Check this video explaining how this new Dashboard will look like:

Questions or Feedback?

Email us at or visit us at Pipehire to learn how to better manage all your cleaning employees with our hiring software.


🧠 Hiring Trends and Strategies to Thrive in 2021 featuring Amar Ghose from Zenmaid.

One of my goals for 2021 is to spend less time running my cleaning business and more focused on personal and family goals. I think you will agree with me, life is too short as we learned the hard way during 2020.

This December 15th I will be hosting Amar Ghose in my last webinar of the year to discuss what’s coming in the Hiring and Recruiting space for the residential cleaning market in 2021. 

And also we want to give you a clear Hiring Strategy Step by Step so can thrive in 2021 and get the best cleaning talent working for you, so you can focus on other things!

You’ll learn, how to:

1. Build a go to strategy to hire more and better employees.

2. Create your hiring personas to bring the right people from the get go.

3. Hiring trends (and predictions) for the cleaning industry in 2021. 

4. Amar Ghose’s hiring book discussion5. Q&A’s and more.

Topic: Hiring Trends and Strategies 12/15/20 – Amar Ghose and Juan Chaparro.

Download Webinar PDF

Visit The Perfect Hiring Ad for Maid Services mentioned by Amar in the Video.


🎯 Cleaning-Business Guide: 7 Hiring Trends and Strategies to Thrive in 2021

We’re all looking forward to 2021 in every aspect of our lives. We’re exhausted by all the news, viruses and political races that 2020 brought.

So, what’s happening in the world of recruitment in 2021? And how can your cleaning business prepare to take advantage of upcoming trends in cleaning HR?. Let’s take a look at what I see coming that’ll be important to thrive – not just survive – in 2021.

1. A More Diverse Workforce

Diversifying your cleaning workforce has become more crucial than ever. I’ve heard from other successful cleaning-business owners like Mark Baker from Motivated Maids that he’s including everyone in the workforce, finding talent where he normally wouldn’t look, and growing his Canadian cleaning service to be one of the largest in the country.

Applicants to cleaning-technician jobs agree that they tend to prefer applying to companies where diversity, equity, and inclusion are in place. So try hiring people you wouldn’t normally, and use a system to do the sorting, rather than yourself. I see this error happening again and again, where the owner is the bottleneck of growth by not putting a system or process in place that allows office staff to do the hiring.

2. Better Company-Employee Relationship

Most job seekers are looking for employers who can handle Covid-19 types of life changes with more compassion and flexibility. Therefore, your recruitment strategy for 2021 should include a focus on building and enhancing the company-employee relationship. Building this relationship with your employees is always a win-win.

From my own experience, one of the best ways to attract top-tier cleaning talent is being intentional in making it a better place for work. I see this with my own employees who, every so often, bring me their friends and family members interested in applying to work with us. This saves time and resources, rather than having to start from scratch when hiring a new cleaner.

3. Company Culture and Branding

Make 2021 the year to finally implement that dream company culture you had in mind.

I define company culture as the personality of your company with your workforce and clients.

This starts from the moment they visit your website and apply for a job, until they meet you for an in-person or Zoom interview. All the touch points matter.

– Juan Chaparro

One of my favorite company cultures today is Trader Joe’s. I love their funny signs, colorful walls, quirky Hawaiian shirts, 🌺 their unique way of doing things, but most importantly, their people. If you approach any of them, they have this cool vibe and real knowledge about their store. I think, as cleaning-business owners, we can create great company culture. We might not have all the cool things that a brand like Trader Joe’s does, but we have the PEOPLE, the most important assets in our businesses.

4. Use of Applicant-Tracking Systems for Hiring

As technology keeps evolving with mobile and browser technologies, it’s very important that your office implements an applicant-tracking system for your cleaning business. Business owners don’t have time to sort manually, looking for the right candidate who meets certain requirements or can work legally in the U.S.

At Pipehire, we’ve implemented a hiring funnel and scoring system for cleaning employees, which takes the guesswork out of the job. Within our funnel, you can see their recruitment score, which helps you quickly select the right person for the position so you can move forward with an interview, vs. looking at hundreds of resumes before making a decision about who moves on to the next stage.

5. Full Online Identity Lookup to Make Better Hiring Decisions

If you were to look into your applicants’ social-media accounts, you wouldn’t hire many of them, right? In 2021, employee social-media monitoring will be more important in order to understand our workforce and make better decisions for our cleaning business.

Also, continuous MVR monitoring of current employees and new candidates will become more important as technology and motor-vehicle departments make the data more accessible. This monitoring will reveal if they’ve been convicted of driving under the influence, traffic violations, or even unpaid parking tickets while working with you and entering your clients’ homes.

⚠️ We tend to forget to monitor our current workforce where there’s a higher risk of failure than a new candidate that has not even started.

– Juan Chaparro

6. Remote Workers vs In-House

As more industries and jobs transition into remote work, cleaning businesses are no exception. More cleaning-business owners have opted for working from home without any issues during 2020.

I’ve been doing it for 10 years with six people spread across several continents, and I love it! Most office-location issues are solved with a co-working space, a virtual mail address and a regular 5×10 storage unit for cleaning supplies and distribution. I’ve even coached a couple of owners into hiring their own virtual assistants, and they are finding success in their journey using the lean maid business model. Tracking remote workers’ time isn’t rocket science; many cleaning businesses use Hubstaff to see what their teams are working on and track their time.

I believe most cleaning businesses can transition to full remote work if they are OK with not micromanaging their staff. 😀

7. Onboarding Process and Candidate Experience

Customer experience is key for our business, but don’t forget candidate experience. Why? Because they’re like clients, looking to buy into a job’s promise and put in their trust and effort to get a paycheck, and be able to provide for their family and achieve their dreams. I see this process very fragmented and poorly designed for most of the industry. I’m constantly looking at cleaning businesses’ websites and finding that their careers / jobs pages are the last thing on their mind. They’re outdated and they sometimes ask people to fax or email resumes.

I’ve learned that my business brand and experience will attract or deter the BEST candidates. I’m not looking for any candidate, I’m looking for the BEST because they want to work for the best cleaning company they can find locally. I have found this to be so true and so overlooked. Paying attention to this brings me better cleaning-tech leads, thus making the hiring process easier and getting better results overall. Now, add to the best candidates a scoring system and funnel, and you have a well-oiled machine to hire and recruit A players.

Don’t underestimate your careers page, your job form and how they get handled afterwards. These interactions will bring better and more stable cleaning techs as you keep growing your business.

Make 2021 your best year ever, thrive don’t survive. 💪


👀 How to identify A, B, C players during the interview process?

Finding the A-Players for you cleaning business doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s some traits we look for:

  • They’re looking for the best job opportunity
  • They call and apply within the same day, call them back asap
  • They fill all the questions to application
  • Prior jobs experience is fully completed
  • You can call those past managers
  • They show up on time to the interviews on time
  • They have a strong word and are committed
  • Their NO is NO and their YES is a YES
  • They show integrity
  • And they ask questions about the company and what’s in it for them

Simple right? Yes now go and get them!

🤔 Questions on managing cleaning employees?

Email us at or visit us at Pipehire to learn how to better manage all your cleaning employees with our hiring software.

Product Updates

🔥 New Management Dashboard coming (and the $5000 flooded house story) that helped us create it.

Pipehire is working on a new Management Dashboard to help you see at a glance:

  • New applicants
  • Coming up birthdays/anniversaries
  • Expiring docs
  • Remind you of unsolved complaints like the flooded house.
  • and much more.

In there you can take action on important and critical action items. We want to help our users become proactive and efficient and spend less time worrying about their business operations.