Author: Luis Chaparro

Webinar -The Ultimate Guide for Hiring Cleaning Employees prior the Bounce Back.

How to Market your House Cleaning Job? 1. Find the right channels, and try new ones. FB jobs (best bang for your buck) Indeed (paid) Youtube (paid) target by zip codes where your A-players live Referrals by your current employees (bonus $250-300 after 90 days) (best strategy ever) 2. Build a list of cleaning candidates – just like you do with clients Blast old candidates Use the emails of old candidates to get referrals Create marketing campaigns to attract the the type of employee you’re after 3. Career page in you website to attract cleaning employees Great website with clean look, emphasize the value of your job Make it attractive, easy and simple to apply How to Increase Candidate flow? 1. Do online application only. NO PAPER! Attractive, easy to fill and should have a progress bar Show that there’s a path to growing in your company 2 . Have process for evaluating cleaning applicants Use lead scoring Follow a process that a manager can follow (no owner dependent) Be constantly hiring/interviewing What’s a Recruitment …


Scratching our own itch, and how we got started… Pipehire was created of one simple need in our cleaning company: Hire faster and better cleaning/janitorial employees without sifting through a lot applications and wasting valuable time….and also hopefully a better tool to manage everything related to employees. We tried many applicant tracking software for small businesses and task management tools to avoid things falling through the cracks like evaluating and hire good candidates, work anniversaries, birthdays, customer feedback, attendance, you name it plus the all the many tasks and things to remember when you have house cleaning employees. We found a problem No software or tool was designed for our residential cleaning industry nor the cleaning business owner in mind, which wears lots of hats to and many things in a whiteboard, excel, paper or even our heads…dropping the ball and not being able to grow because their head is full of things to do. We got a solution! So we got together about 2 yrs ago and started building a web tool that will …

Pipehire Forms – Understanding the types of questions you can create for online job applications

Hello everyone, we create these simple images so you guys can start building your own applicant forms. 6 Type of Questions 1. Short Answer Type Short-answer questions are open-ended questions that require applicants to create an answer. 2. Paragraph Type Paragraph based questions ask applicants to complete, specific information about any given question. 3. Choose One Answer(radio button) Use Radio Button questions to ask your response to choose a single option from a short list. 4. Multiple Answer (checkbox) Checkbox question allow your respondents to select multiple answers from a list. 5. Dropdown List Dropdown is a closed-ended question that allows respondents to choose one answer choice from a list of choices presented in a dropdown menu. 6. Date Question This question type can be used to ask for a certain date. Have support questions? Chat with us on our website or email us.