Today we want to cover an alternative way to put your job offer in front of millions of job seekers out there.

Google for Jobs is a tool to boost the visibility of your job offers and attract more applicants.

They use artificial intelligence to show job postings in Google search results.

It is like a search engine; 85% of job offer searches start with a Google search.

Google for Jobs uses the different job boards and career sites. 

They aggregate the job offers and display them nicely as search results.

It is a really straightforward process; you have to open the Google search engine and enter the job queries you are looking for. 

Try typing Full-Time House Cleaning Technician – House Cleaner, Housekeeper.

Potential applicants will see the different search results listed and apply directly from Google for Jobs. 

They can even save searches or share the job with other colleagues and generate job alerts.

How can I get my job offers displayed on google?

Currently, you can do this by using a platform that publishes jobs on Google or integrating directly with Google.

Remember that Google for Jobs is not a Job Board; it’s an enhanced search tool that scrapes and features job postings that are already published.

There is no visual interface to publish jobs.

If you have posted your listings on a system that has integrated with Google’s job search engine, you will now be able to reach a wider audience by having your listings show up in Google for Jobs.

Here at Pipehire we have successfully integrated with Google to offer our users an alternative channel to increase the visibility of their job offers.

How to take advantage of Google for Jobs?

Make sure you find the right tool to help you publish your job offers, then follow these quick tips to optimize the job offer.

• Use relevant keywords and phrases familiar to your job, such as “house cleaning technician,” “housecleaner,” or”housekeeping.”

• Make sure to write job titles that are easy for applicants to find, be specific, and include hours if relevant.

• Write a fantastic description of your company.

• Write brief job descriptions with clear headings.

• Include core values.

• Show the applicants real photos of your company. Don’t use stock photography; they need to have a clearer picture of your company.

• Share your job listings on social media. By generating this immediate traffic to your job posts, you will show Google that your listings are attractive to people searching for the keywords included in the job descriptions.

You’re all set if you’ve already posted your listings to websites that have integrated with the Google job search engine. In addition, your listings are now eligible to show up in Google for Jobs.

Pipehire helps you hire better. More reliable employees will make your business thrive. We use a customizable funnel to filter job applicants with the type of worker you are looking for. So let Pipehire do the work for you and help you find the perfect employee for your business!

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Use Pipehire to identify applicants who have previously applied to one of your job offers.

By targeting these resumes from the beginning, you can use a targeted yet less expensive approach to help you move forward with those applicants and close more offers.

Get notified when an applicant is applying to one of your job offers for a second or third time.

Questions on managing cleaning employees? Email us at or visit us at to learn how better to manage all your cleaning employees with our hiring software.

Learn how to leverage the power of social media to build brand awareness and generate cleaning applicants/leads.

Pipehire is a great way to post your job offers on Facebook.

Imagine posting a job offer in less than a minute. That’s what we do for you.

Each job offer has the option to be published within the job groups of your city.

First, you must select the job offer you want to post on FB.

Click on the “Publish this job offer on Facebook” button. 

Pipehire will open a pop-up window showing the most relevant groups in your city. 

The system automatically identifies the characteristics/description of the job opening and displays the most relevant groups in the city. 

It also loads job post information so that the FB post is ready to be published.

Select the groups you want to publish your job.

When you click on one of these groups, PH will redirect you to FB. 

There you will need to request access to the group to post your job offer.

Once you have been accepted, you can use the URL and information provided by Pipehire to post your job offer.

Copy and paste the info as shown below:

Remember that by using the URL provided by Pipehire, applicants will enter directly into the Pipehire funnel; the system will help you to pre-select those candidates with the best scores.

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The big problem businesses face is knowing when cleaning employee documents expire, and what to do about the expiration.

If your business takes on new employees without up-to-date paperwork (ID, DL, etc.) there could be real consequences, such as fines; not to mention the disruption in productivity!

Pipehire allows you to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow.

To start tracking expiration you simply click one button – our system then automatically creates notifications for future expirations, so you can easily renew before any problems arise.

Here’s how we do it:

When an applicant becomes an employee, it is crucial to set the expiration date of their documents.

First, go to the employee’s module, select the employee name.

Within the employee’s profile, select the “documents” tab.

There you will find a list of vital documents corresponding to each employee.

Use the checkbox button of the desired document to activate the date field.

Insert the expiration date of each of the selected documents.

Then click the “Save all changes” button.

By doing this, the system automatically takes care of creating all the necessary reminders for each employee.

The system will display those employees with expired documents along with documents that will expire in the next two months.

Notifications will be displayed in:

1. Dashboard Quick View

2. Dashboard Notifications

3. System Notifications

Pipehire provides a tool to update the expiration dates of each document.

It is important to take action on these expired documents, if you miss out on a few, it can cost you thousands.

With Pipehire you can update expired document dates by clicking on the “set new date” button. This will open a pop-up window where you can take two different actions.

First, you can update the expiration date by entering the data in the corresponding field.

If you do not have the new expiration dates, you can send an SMS to your employees so that they can update you with new information.

When the dates are updated the system will stop displaying expired documents.

We hope this article has been helpful!

Just reach out if you have any questions. We’re always happy to assist! 😊

At Pipehire we believe in a less stressful hiring/management process that delivers better results and eliminates repetitive work, reducing day-to-day stress caused by recruiting headaches.

Pipehire was born out of necessity a few years ago to streamline the hiring experience from posting to selecting candidates and managing employees.

With Pipehire you get innovative hiring software built for cleaning companies.

With the support of novel technologies, cleaning businesses can automate all their hiring and management processes in minutes by creating a completely digital hiring workflow.

Hire better people faster by posting job listings to our network, screening candidates, bringing them into interviews, and expanding your team.

It’s a lot of work; we have a long way to go, but we’re just as excited about it as you are!

Hey everyone! This is Juan Chaparro, the co-founder of Pipehire. I want to show you with this video some new groundbreaking technology we’ve been building to hire cleaning employees easier, faster, and better.  

Best possible score form

Let’s start in the Funnel which received a full overhaul to make  our hiring process more effective. At the top of the funnel you can see a number which is the “Best Possible Score” for this job opening.

The purpose of the score and the colors are to help you identify the most qualified applicants. Now you can have a clear apples to apples comparison of all your applicants in one single screen and from any source. We build this feature so you can save time and identify the A players quickly and move on to the interview process.

Within the new funnel you will also find applicants highlighted in green and with a “recommended badge” these are the most qualified applicants using our recommendation engine technology that we started building during winter. These candidates will be your best return on investment. We recommend you start with them before someone else hires them.

A, B, C players

Next to the “Best Possible Score Form”, you will see three colored boxes with the letters A, B, and C, those are the three possible categories that the applicants can be classified based on the score obtained in their application. 

This traffic light color can help us to visualize the score obtained by each applicant. 

The green color means the applicant has obtained 80% to 100% of the possible points in the application form. We refer to them as ‘A-Players’. You should focus on proceeding quickly to interview and ideally hire these applicants before somebody else hires them.

The yellow color means these applicants have obtained between 50% to 79% of the possible points of the job application. We refer to them as ‘B-Players’. Proceed with caution since these applicants don’t meet all the requirements of the position. If you like someone in particular call and ask more questions to see if they turn to a green color. 

The red color means the applicant has obtained less than 50% of the possible points of the job application. We refer to them as ‘C-Player’ you should definitely not proceed since they are incomplete applications and/or don’t have the bare minimum requirements of the position. You can archive these applicants if you like.

Archive candidates

Now, in the funnel window  you can go to “view” and select ‘Archived candidates’ to see the full list. Here you have some actions where you can view the reasons, unarchive or delete. Down the road, we plan to build an email and text message feature to recycle archived applicants so we can get their friends to apply, so don’t delete them.

Search all the system

If you are looking for a specific person within PipeHire you can go to the top and click on the ‘Search Person’ box and now you will be able to type any name or last name to find the person on the system.

Print applicant form

During the interview, you might need the form summary printed. Now you can do this easily. Go to the funnel and click on the name of the applicant, you will see a window pop up just click  print.

Knowledge Feed

We have been creating relevant content about the hiring process and we want to share it with all our clients. Therefore you can go to the ‘Knowledge Feed’ and find our latest content designed for our community of cleaning business owners. There’s some premium content only for our clients, so make sure you use the password provided.

Form Stats

Now we continue with the Forms/Job Post area where you will see relevant data at the top  like how many open positions we have, the total of applicants currently in the system, how many completed and uncompleted applications and lastly the total number of visitors to your forms.

This is important because you want to track the conversion ratio of your forms so you can improve your copy, start posting somewhere else or increase the budget. In some cases, you will see a short comment about your form and how to improve it.

Form Builder: Upload PDF, images to Pipehire

It’s time to see what new updates we have in the Form Builder. Now when you add a new question you will see more options available to improve your form. You can choose a short answer, paragraph, multiple answers, and the most requested and finally the ability for your applicants to upload images, files and resumes to their application.

Improved forms

During the last year we’ve analyzed thousands of applications and we have improved the default cleaning technician job form, that comes out of the box when you sign up. This form can be used now if you feel the current form you’re using is not delivering the best results. Go to the “Forms” and look for House Cleaning Technician Job (2021)

Also did you know you can hire other positions within Pipehire such as Virtual Assistants or sales? We’ve included in this release a new form ready to go so you can start delegating work to a VA. I’ve hired lots of virtual assistants in the last 10 years and I’m sure you will find this form useful and thoughtful. Go to the “Forms” section and look for Full Time Virtual Assistant for Cleaning Service”.

We hope you found all these updates useful to help you improve your hiring process. If you have any questions please contact us.

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Debbie Sardone interviews Juan Chaparro CEO of Pipehire the all-in-one HR and Management software. In this video they discuss how to automate your hiring and manage everything HR related in the house cleaning business.

🤔 Questions on managing cleaning employees?

Email us at or visit us at Pipehire to learn how to manage better all you cleaning employees.

2020 was a long year, below is a quick recap of new features we’ve accomplished together over the last 12 months.

⚡ 2020 Pipehire Highlights

Here are some product improvements and functionalities, many suggested by you:

1. New Pipehire Company Dashboard
2.2-way SMS confirmation with candidates
3. Form Metrics and Form Module new look
4.Unconfirmed Appointment Reminders
5.Team addition: Customer Success Manager
6.Indeed and Facebook Job Posting
7.View archived candidates improvement
8. Export and import company data
9.Attendance Module
10. Complaints module upgrade

🚀 Pipehire Roadmap for 2021

As you can see, 2020 was a busy year for Pipehire. And just in case you’re wondering, we’re not slowing down. Below is a sneak peek of what’s to come:

1. New JOB POST cover page and careers page.
2. Training video module.
3. Applicants digital onboarding(e-sign).
4. Pipehire integration with Indeed, Facebook and other job posting services.
5. Plus updates and improvement to the current modules.

Questions or Feedback?

Email us at or visit us at Pipehire to learn how to manage better all you cleaning employees.

1. Understanding the importance of lead scoring in your hiring process.

Candidate lead scoring is the process of assigning values, often in the form of numerical “points,” to each lead you generate for the business. You can score your leads based on multiple attributes, including the background, cleaning questionnaire, past jobs, anything submitted on their application.

Is to save you time and give you:
– Increase the quality of hire
– Reduce the cost of hire
– Increase speed to hire.

Candidate Score Card.

Application Score: The score obtained in their Job application (0-20 points).
Face to face score: The score obtained in their personal interview (0-30).

Pipehire has a built-in Interview tab where the applicants can be scored. Face to Face score using this questionnaire plays a vital role in the process of hiring new cleaning employees.

2. How to identify bad candidates before you hire them.

On The Funnel:
They’re looking for the best job opportunity.
A good candidate scores 7-8 points.
A bad candidate below 5 points.

On Personal Interview:
Missing questions on the application.
Arrive late to interview or reschedule.
They don’t ask questions.
They looking for any job.
Can’t verify past job history.

Great Candidates look like this.

They’re looking for the best job opportunity.
They call and apply within the same day, call/text them back asap.
They fill all the questions to the application.
Prior jobs experience is fully completed.
You can call those past managers.
They show up on time to the interviews on time.
They have a strong word and are committed.
Their NO is NO, and their YES is a YES.
They show integrity.
Ask questions about the company and what’s in it for them.
They ask about what is the company vision for the future.
Score 8-10 points.

3. How to formulate questions in your application that will lead to better candidates.

Closed-ended questions: Give you better scoring capabilities.

What’s your cleaning experience?:
No experience/less than 1 yr (1 point),
2-3 yrs (2 points)
5+yrs (3 points)
Are you available to work M-F 8am-5pm?:
Yes (1 point)
No (0 points)
Are you afraid of working with pets?:
Yes (0 points)
No (1 point)
Do you have a reliable vehicle for work?:
Yes (1 point)
No (0 points)

Learn how to Hire and Manager better cleaning employees.

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