πŸš€ How to redirect applicants from Indeed to Pipehire.

Learn How Pipehire redirects applicants who have started a job search on Indeed quickly and conveniently to the Pipehire Funnel.

The video showcases a real case scenario; we teach how to post your jobs on Indeed and how to connect Indeed to Pipehire to get the best out of the two platforms.

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Product Updates

πŸ‘ Hiring cleaning employees like modern companies do. The Pipehire way.

Our time is limited, running a business is hard work it needs full concentration and attention.

Setting up unattended processes is vital to operate efficiently.

Pipehire has been developing a hiring method to help business owners step up the game.

We welcome you to The Best possible score and A, B, C players method.

Best possible score form

Let’s start in the Funnel which received a full overhaul to make  our hiring process more effective. At the top of the funnel you can see a number which is the “Best Possible Score” for this job opening.

The purpose of the score and the colors are to help you identify the most qualified applicants.

Now you can have a clear apples to apples comparison of all your applicants in one single screen and from any source.

We build this feature so you can save time and identify the A players quickly and move on to the interview process.

Within the new funnel you will also find applicants highlighted in green and with a β€œrecommended badge” these are the most qualified applicants using our recommendation engine technology that we started building during winter.

These candidates will be your best return on investment. We recommend you start with them before someone else hires them.

A, B, C players

Next to the “Best Possible Score Form”, you will see three colored boxes with the letters A, B, and C, those are the three possible categories that the applicants can be classified based on the score obtained in their application. 

This traffic light color can help us to visualize the score obtained by each applicant. 

The green color means the applicant has obtained 80% to 100% of the possible points in the application form.

We refer to them as ‘A-Players’. You should focus on proceeding quickly to interview and ideally hire these applicants before somebody else hires them.

The yellow color means these applicants have obtained between 50% to 79% of the possible points of the job application.

We refer to them as ‘B-Players’. Proceed with caution since these applicants don’t meet all the requirements of the position. If you like someone in particular call and ask more questions to see if they turn to a green color. 

The red color means the applicant has obtained less than 50% of the possible points of the job application.

We refer to them as ‘C-Players’ you should definitely not proceed since they are incomplete applications and/or don’t have the bare minimum requirements of the position. You can archive these applicants if you like.

πŸ€” Questions on managing cleaning employees?

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How Liz Trotter uses DISC Assessments to Recruit Rockstar Cleaning Technicians

We had the honor to learn directly from Liz Trotter how she uses DISC Assessments for cleaning techs to improve the quality of her new hires. As hiring cleaning techs becomes more challenging we want to make sure we are adding the right team members to the company to avoid employee turnover and preserve our company culture.

Liz shared her more important findings and revelations in the many years doing DISC assessments in video above she shares it, but here’s the cheat sheet:

What are the best DISC profiles for cleaning techs?

  • High S and C: The best mix!
  • C and S: Awesome.
  • S and high I: Good
  • I and C : Rare to find
  • High D: Not big fan
  • D and C: Won’t hire.

What Are the Four DISC Types?

  • Dominant,
  • Inspiring,
  • Supportive
  • Cautious.

What does DiSC score mean?

DISC measures dimensions of your personality. it does not measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health, or values. 

DISC profiles describe human behavior in various situations for example, how you respond to challenges, how you influence others, and how you respond to rules and procedures.

πŸ€” Questions on managing cleaning employees?

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Pipehire Webinar #13 Building Company Culture with your Cleaning Staff by Liz Trotter.

Join us on this webinar to learn from Liz Trotter how to finally build company culture in our cleaning businesses.

Pipehire-Webinar-Building Company- Culture-with-your-Cleaning-Staff-by Liz-Trotter

What will you learn in this webinar?

β€’ The basics and how to start building company culture once and for all.
β€’ What tangible benefits a good company culture produces.
β€’ How to keep very low your employee turnover.
β€’ How to maintain the culture alive and thriving.
β€’ How struggling businesses can repair and thrive.
β€’ How to use DISC assessments to hire cleaning technicians.

Date: 3/25/21 @ 6:00 PM ET


Watch the replay.


🧠 Hiring and Managing Cleaning Techs like Angela Brown

Juan Chaparro CEO ofΒ PipehireΒ the all-in-one HR and Management software, interviews Angela Brown . Learn from her the most important tips on how to hire and manage cleaning techs. She also shared her personal story and how he start her business.

πŸ€” Questions on managing cleaning employees?

Email us at or visit us at Pipehire to learn how to manage better all you cleaning employees.

Product Updates

πŸ‘‹ Indeed/Facebook integration coming soon – In the meantime, there’s this solution.

Based on our users’ feedback, we decided to start working on an integration with Indeed and Facebook. Posting your job offers will become a breeze with a click of a button!

In the meantime, we can help you post your job offers inside your accounts manually with our Support team.

Need help with this?Β Set up a support callΒ or call 415-223-0371 our Customer Success Manager is ready to help you.


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