💻 How To Design A Job Offer Page That Will Attract Better Applicants?

May 25, 2022

Hiring is essential to making your cleaning businesses succeed. Every home service company constantly needs a significant number of applicants to grow its cleaning business continuously. When it comes to acquisition, a powerful landing page is crucial.

Provably you have spent significant resources trying to attract more applicants to your website or even implementing tools like google jobs, so now it’s time to make your landing page shine and get them to work with you.

This blog will show you how to design a job offer page that will attract better applicants step-by-step.

If you’re struggling with a low volume of applicants in your company, this blog walks you through exactly what you need to do so you can increase the number of applicants your cleaning business needs to succeed.

So let’s get started.

First, landing pages must be appealing. This is the first impression your applicants obtain about the job you offer. Therefore, using an attractive picture with a headline showing why they should join your cleaning company will help the applicants stay and keep reading about the offer. This first impression is about catching their attention and making them interested in your home service company and what you offer them.

Now that your applicants want to know more about your job opportunity, it’s time to show them the essential points to convince them to make it to the end with their application. So here we will make sure they fit this job and are available to do it.

We have to talk about these three main points: Job, Benefits, and Requirements.

The job, it’s very important to make a proper description showing what is the job about, how much will they earn, where is the work performed, if they need to work by themselves or in a team, how do you track their schedules and how they get paid. This information will provide an overview of the position so new applicants know what to expect.

The benefits are up to your cleaning company and what you can offer your employees to get a high retention level. For example, paid training, paid vacation, or job security. Display as many benefits as you can so they can feel how fantastic is your cleaning company

It is essential to mention the requirements to apply for this job offer. Aspects like minimum age to apply, work permit, availability, or additional needs like owning a vehicle and being available to drive. We need to filter our applicants before they send their applications, so we don’t waste time later in interviews with people that unfortunately don’t fit.

Including some testimonials of your actual employees may impact positively. New applicants can feel how it is to work in your cleaning company. This is the final touch to making them ready to start the application.

Finally, you need a clear call to action to redirect them to an application page where they can fill out the form and follow the process to be interviewed and start working with your cleaning company. 

We also want to share some tips to improve your website, including your landing page.

  • Branding: Customize as much as possible to make it unique with your company style, and use color and logos to represent your identity. 
  • Pictures: Try to have your own photographs and avoid using the photo stock displayed across the web. Hiring a photographer is worth making your website look more professional and attractive. 
  • Avoid broken links: constantly check if your website is working correctly to ensure every possible applicant goes through every space you have designed and has good navigability.

To summarize, this landing page has to be attractive, easy to follow, with as much information as you can provide them, and with a clear call to action to start an application. 

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