The Best Way to Get Job Candidates From Indeed, Facebook, Google Jobs and ZipRecruiter 💻

May 3, 2022

Are you struggling with Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or don’t even know how to get started?

Candidate management and marketing for candidates is time-consuming, plus the increasing costs of Indeed are making other business owners look for alternatives elsewhere.

We discuss how to:

– Increase candidate flows from all platforms in under 10 minutes a week.

– How to automate Facebook to respond to applicants.

– Talk about Google’s new feature in search “Google jobs” and how you can take advantage of more traffic.

– Indeed, performance analysis and redirect.

All right, guys, thank you for coming to this webinar. Uh, today we have webinar number 24, and we’re gonna be covering candidates volume and how to automate all of these in the most popular job boards I’ve noticed. Uh, there’s a big challenge, uh, there, and most people trying to understand these different platforms. And, um, I want to basically help you guys set up these systems and also, um, break down some of the challenges. Uh, we get a lot of people asking us about how to do certain things and, uh, and also people complaining that they are not having enough volume and that’s, uh, basically things we wanna cover. So let me start by sharing my, um, my screen.

I wanna basically get started here, um, and trying to understand the big problem of acquisition that we all have, which is bringing enough people to apply. Um, there is obviously less people out there working than before, and there’s more companies looking for a applicants. Then there is people looking for jobs in the space. So we need to understand that the acquisition part is really is getting people to apply and getting people to apply has some work behind it that most people are ignoring. So, um, couple of months ago, we created this, uh, hiring funnel framework, which is seven parts to this, but I’m gonna touch on this number one today, really? And it’s about understanding clicks, landing pages and the clarity of the job, making sure that you have all this things in place. So obviously clicks and ads all come from the different platforms.

Indeed Facebook, super recruiter, Google jobs, job boards, different job boards. And we need to land these people or bring these people to a landing page. And this landing page, basically it’s to help ’em sell or help. ’em U say, this is the job for me. We need to build good traffic, good pages with good content about our specific job. Doesn’t do any good to have the same page for everyone. I see a lot of people having the same website with the same video, the same person trying to sell the job. So you need to have a unique page about your company, about your job, about what’s unique about your culture. So the acquisition parts really starts here, not by only spending a lot more money on whatever side that you have. So you first to have to start at your own website, what are you doing? How are you selling your job and how is exactly that people find you most companies today? I see that still don’t have a good landing page or a job page for the, for the applicants. It’s incredible. So if you’re asking yourself why I don’t have enough applicants, it’s because you don’t have a good landing page about your job. Remember we’re selling our job to cleaners. We’re selling our job to these people. They’re not gonna buy anything if it’s not well presented.

So I’ll give you sample of mine. Uh, You can come in and look at it and use it as a template. But you know, we spend time creating videos here exactly about our work. We have done SEO in regards to the page. We have good photography. And then we have four sections here in which explain what the job is a about. How do they work, how much they can earn schedule, how do they get paid

Benefits? You wanna see benefits. Obviously you have all those benefits requirements what’s required of the job testimonials. What are the testimonials? All of this is important. So people know who you are, and this is critical. Many people still miss this. Most, the most important part, which is communication about your job offer. Doesn’t do any good to have a bunch of ads out there if you don’t have a good ad. So that’s the first thing you have to see in your, uh, hiring process in your, uh, acquisitions, uh, part of the funnel. So let’s go back to, um, To our presentation here. Now, uh, The goal Of this page is to maximize the conversion rate. So people who look at it and click apply on your website, That is the goal.

So just like you spend money, building a great landing page for your customers, you need to spend the money to build for your employees or for the people that you’re to hire. If you don’t have that, you’re missing on a big opportunity. So I wanna bring this to you first, cuz most people are thinking how much more money do I need to spend on the different job boards? And sometimes your problem could be that you need to fix just exactly this thing. So please do me a favor and make sure you have this job created this page created. And one of the things to is important is that when you name the page, if you can look at here on the top, You see house cleaning, how housekeeping jobs in Dallas,

You have to, you have to name the page correctly. You have to put the keywords in these pages correctly. All of these things are important. Why it’s important because the SEO it’s important. So by when you have the page correctly, uh, name correctly, you can show up on the search engine results. Obviously there’s always gonna be the, you know, indeed and the rest of the job boards. But eventually if people keep scrolling down on search results, they will find your company. And that is very important to really have some organic traffic that is free, that you’re not paying tons of money. So Don not rely on somebody building you landing page of your domain, cuz that’s not doing anything good when you stop paying for that service or that company, you lose whatever traffic or SEO they built. So I always recommend build your own careers or jobs pitch and whatever form that you’re using or system that you’re using. Always make sure people is being redirected to your page. That is the best thing I can suggest as far as your website. Okay. So we’re gonna start, uh, start talking also about, uh, here,

Common, uh, mistakes people I’m making here. I can see a lot of people with broken links or pages that are not secure, which this, you know, de motivates people to apply to your company. So make sure your company has a good work in URL. I see a lot of people not collecting enough information. So the form is just basically couple of questions and then attach a resume. Really attaching a resume is really not very useful because you cannot compare people like apples to apples. So I, I don’t recommend collecting resumes that makes it even harder to get people to apply. But in this case of this form, name, phone on an email in a, in a resume is not good enough. You’re gonna have to spend a lot of time screening people if they send you resumes. Now there’s another mistake people make is poor quality in the web experience when people are receiving the, um, or are gonna apply to your company. So for example, this company particularly had 37 steps. I was at 34 right here and I was already, I was at 19 and it had 37 steps to complete. I mean, it’s gonna take forever to people to complete this. So make sure you don’t have a hundred questions, but make sure you don’t have two questions. You have to find a balance between, you know, enough information that you need, but not make it so complicated that people do not apply.

Also poor quality in, in the photography. Uh, a lot of people still have unfortunately stock photography, pixelated photos, all of these has to be fixed. If you don’t have these correctly set up, you’re always gonna have issues with conversion. You are not gonna show us a professional company. You wanna make sure that you have a good photographer, take photo for your company, your employees, real people, and then make sure you put ’em on the site. So make sure these things are covered. Once those things are covered, let’s start with one of the, the biggest platform out there, which is indeed. And I see that most people do not understand indeed. Uh, most people are just afraid or I don’t know. They, they have some sort of, uh, There kind of gets stuck with indeed because they say, I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to set up an count. And uh, the first thing we have to understand is that indeed it’s a search engine of jobs

And response to a search query based on location. So when you enter into indeed and you look for house cleaning jobs in named your whoever has the best description and the, and the, and the content within the description of the job is the one that starts to show up on top. But obviously because indeed it’s a search engine, just like Google, about jobs they show on top has the most budget and also has the best description and matches the query of the people of the person that is looking for that job. So those things are the combination of what makes people be on the top description or the, the actual query, that person types on the, on the, on the keyboard, the screen, and then the budget. Those are the two things that really make volume. As far as indeed. Now you’re gonna see eventually your job post and this job post, uh, is gonna be, uh, is gonna see a link to your website or to another system that you use. Now, it’s very important that this is when your website, your career page starts to help you convert people. If you don’t have a good job, uh, page, if you don’t have a good description about your company, about your, who you are, then they look at it and they don’t apply, but you pay for the click.

So it’s, it’s people think this is rocket science and indeed is nothing complicated. You just have to have the basics well covered. And by that, you know, uh, I mean the copy, the description of the job. So let’s, let’s look at, uh, here’s some, some, some of my indeed account here. So typically you can have obviously free jobs pay jobs and, and I have free one here. So the, the first things you wanna cover as far as the basics of indeed, is that you have the correct title for the job. So typically house cleaning, tech, house, cleaner housekeeper, These are the main searches that people are looking for. Then you have the city, the location, the details of how much you pay and all of these things, and then comes the description. The job description is very important and you have to put here exactly what you do, what you offer. All of these things are critical to the success of your business. If you don’t have a well written job description, it’s gonna be very hard to bring in people. So everything really starts at the copy level. What’s written what people are perceiving from you. We haven’t spent any money yet. We’re still figuring to make sure we have of the basics done correctly. Once you have this done correctly, it’s a lot easier to bring in people. Okay?

Now, as you keep moving along, indeed, you will see, uh, settings here. So you have obviously the job settings, the advertising location. When you know you, you need to hire the budget and then you have this section application settings. And when you click on this pencil, you will see that most of you guys have Email. And what this does is that it’s gonna send you an email


With the applicants. And when you do that, you’re gonna have a bunch of people applying to your website to your form, but you’re gonna have a lot of emails that you have to click through and look through those guys. And then, Uh, you’re gonna start to say, Hey, please go and fill my other application, uh, or, Hey, please contact me. And you’re gonna have a lot of these back and forth with people. So what I do, and what I recommend is that you have the application URL setting enabled, and by this, you have to call indeed and you have to say, I need to redirect my applicants. When you do this, you are gonna put here the URL of your job page. So in this case, mine is GMA account four slash jobs. Now this is the best way to redirect and automate the traffic to go to your site and go to your company and not have to deal with people on Going back to dashboard. If you are using just a normal through email application, <affirmative>, you’re gonna have a candidate section here,

And then you’re gonna have this thing full of people here. As you see, I have zero candidates here because I’m redirecting everyone to my own form. So make sure that you’re not having to manually talk to people here because us 80% of those people are not gonna respond, but you’re still wasting time trying to talk to them. So my recommendation is, and the way to automate, uh, indeed, is that you redirect those guys to your web form, to the system that you’re using, and then they apply there instead of you talking to them on indeed, cuz you’re gonna see that you’re gonna spend a bunch of time trying to talk to them. And most of those people will now respond. Okay. All right. So, uh,

Right, let’s go back here to the screen on basics. Um, in some us markets, they charge per click per month or per applicant, and I’ve spoken to several of my customers and I’ve spoken to indeed. And I asked them why some cities are different than others and say, well, we’re testing a, what produces the most revenue for the company for indeed in some cities, they feel like per month works best. And some cities think that per click works best. So if you ask somebody in another city, Hey, how much are you spending? Or how much are you paying? The answer is gonna be very different. Cuz are changing constantly this and they change per city. So, you know, go figure, they’re trying to obviously monetize as much and create as much revenue from indeed that this is, uh, why you see so much change in the way they charge customers. Okay, Cool. Um, let’s move on here to some of other basics. Um, well what about best days to post or worse days to post? So, uh, I took my own account And I looked through basically up to last week and I did an analysis of all these impressions, clickthrough rates, applic cause et cetera. And I notice a pattern and the pattern is, uh,

Right here. The days with less impressions is Fridays and Saturdays. It makes a lot of sense. Why? Because people are not applying for jobs and on Friday nights or Saturdays, they’re out there doing something and enjoying their life. Right. And the days with the more impressions is Mondays and Tuesdays. So what is an impression, an impression is when you’re at or you’re yeah. Is served to somebody, uh, a house clean and sees it. Now, when you look at CTR or clickthrough rate, this is, you know, basically a calculation of how many clicks went through to your site, to your ad. So basically I, I did a, a, you know, an average of all this data and compile and got these too. So if you wanna start an ad, make it, make it, make sure it’s between Mondays and Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Nobody’s gonna see it cuz nobody’s interested in finding a job on Friday night. So these are two pieces of data that you should consider when you’re putting your jobs out there. Your ads.

I also calculate a click through rate, which all combined was 22.6, total clicks apply rate. I have all these in zero. Why? Because I’m redirecting people to my own form. I’m not having them apply through. Indeed apply. If you’re not familiar with indeed apply, apply is really that blue bottom says apply with indeed they put a name, an email and a resume and that’s it. And then they send the application. When you let people apply through indeed apply. You’re gonna basically receive a name, an email, a phone, and then a resume. You’re not gonna have a specific questions about the house cleaning answered. You don’t know if they have, you know, the skills needed for the job. You’re just gonna get somebody, a name and a resume. And when you do that, you waste a lot of time because you don’t have enough data to make a decision about this person. Okay. So that is, uh, a conclusion I, I receive or I got from analyzing my own ads. Um, the way you can see this, if you wanted to do it on your own, indeed is that you go back to your jobs And then you’re gonna look for, uh,

Performance report, click here. You’re gonna see the full details of this. You can download this and see it in day range. <affirmative> so That is basically as far as, uh, you know, we’re gonna go today on indeed. If you have any questions about indeed, please, uh, post them on the chat. We’ll try to cover them as, uh, As we go along. All right. So, and let’s move on to Facebook. So Facebook Obviously sends leads, not full applications. Uh, when I do that, when we look on that, Okay. So when you are at, on Facebook, which is kind of like the inbox part of Facebook, um, you’re gonna see people applying right, applying to different jobs. And as you see, we get tons of people here interacting, but the important part, or what you should know about Facebook is that the application they send you is just a name and a resume and sometimes nothing. So I wanna show you here, What you need to know here. This, this is what you need to do to automate Facebook and stop wasting time on Facebook. So a lot of people apply, but you just get an email and a resume. So when you go to, uh, the automations portion of ind of Facebook, you’re gonna see, uh, all these different messages and there is one here, job application received.

So you’re gonna click on this and gonna put here, basically turn this on right here. And then you’re gonna put

In Spanish and English or whatever language you want. Do you want to put this message here in this text? And if you look at it on this right side, you’re gonna see it says, hi, we’ve received your application. Is your interest in working for us to continue, please complete the full application at this website. And then I send them to my landing page of jobs. Okay. This automation occurs always when somebody applies to a Facebook job, since most of the people that apply on Facebook are most of the time undocumented, then, you know, starting or engaging conversation with them. It’s gonna, it’s gonna be a lot, a lot of wasted time. So by automating Facebook with this job application, uh, timing, you’re letting the real interested people and those that qualify to go to your website and apply that way. You don’t have to start and engage a conversation and waste time with somebody that might not be the right people. So think about that every minute that you spend on the wrong person could be invested in maybe the right person. So that’s why I recommend that you create this, um, a specific automation


So this is what you do. And then right below here, you’re gonna basically click complete the job application. It’s gonna be the, the hyperlink on this side, and then you’re gonna see, uh, the one for Spanish and for English. I do recommend that if you, um, <affirmative>, you know, hire people that speak Spanish, that you offer an application in Spanish as well. Uh, I do that, uh, when somebody lands on my side and they click jobs, they’re presented with this box so they can pick a language

And we even what, and ahead, and even created a video in Spanish. So this one’s Spanish, the other one is in English. So you really have to take the effort and really make a quality landing page. So this starts to really solve the problem of acquiring people or volume think is spending money in, in trying to bring leads or applicants. But it is most of the time I find that people don’t have those basics covered and they are just wasting money, hoping and praying that somebody will apply. But think about this, the realities that employees can pick and choose job, they want anywhere doing anything and they’ll get higher on the spot. So at this point, we as cleaning companies, we’re selling our jobs to these people and we have to do it in a, in a professional way.

Okay? So that is basically the, um, the Google, excuse me, the, the Facebook automation that you want to create, um, clearly your job, your Facebook job ad or post should have again, your URL. That’s why I strongly suggest that you build, or you have your web person build you a landing page for jobs, cuz everything that you do as far as marketing and, uh, and simplifying your life is to send people to one unique URL. If they call, if they say, send a message, you send them to the same place, same place, same place. And all of them get funneled through the same form. That’s that’s how you can compare apples to apples, not with resumes. It’s impossible. You are never gonna have enough time in your life to make that happen. Cool. So let’s move on here. Give me a second. Perfect. So let’s look at our page here again. Okay. Facebook, um, how to automate it based. You’re gonna redirect them to that page. Now I wanna, uh, bring to your attention guys, uh, In Google jobs, Google jobs, as most people, uh don’t know, Google is trying to really Compete And provide a better search experience for job seekers. And most people don’t know that Google is really working hard to bring, you know, a competitor to indeed, as far as search volume, there’s a lot of money being made by indeed. And most people really have a most of the time aid relationship, cuz we feel like we have to pay indeed. Otherwise we have no people. So Google notices this and they create something called Google jobs. Most people never knew about this. So if you look for, you know, cleaning,

Cleaning jobs,


In, you know, Orlando, Florida, for example, you’re gonna see that the first results is this box here.

Now when you look for house cleaning services in Orlando, you’re gonna receive, you’re gonna see the typical box with a map and you’re gonna see the top companies with the highest ratings because Google understands that that is a consumer looking for a cleaning service. In this case, you are a cleaning business offering a job. So you should be visible on this box as well. Okay? And most people don’t know about this. Why? Because you never look for cleaning jobs in your area. So if you do the exercise and just put any city here, um, Miami, for example, you’ll see again, that same box. Okay. Now when you click on the more jobs here, you’re gonna see that Google has built these unique search engine as the design specifically for looking for jobs. You see, so this is gonna get a lot bigger. Google is gonna put a lot more efforts into this because <laugh> people are, are tired of paying this for every ad.

Uh, and these days, unless you put some money, as far as budget, you’re not gonna get any, any much traffic. So it’s very important that you guys know that this is now another source of applicants is recent, is somewhat new. Uh, obviously indeed has the most brand recognition as far as employees looking for jobs, uh, that’s why they get so much traffic and they can charge whatever they want because they got all the traffic. But Google is a good new way to do it. Now you’re gonna ask yourself, how do I post on Google? Well, typically it has to be, um, through a job board like or C recruiter or just different sites that push through that, you know, 85% of the job offers starts here in Google. Most people start looking on Google and how do you get here? So those are some options. Uh, we as pipe high are recently about two, three weeks ago. We release a better version of pushing your job through Google. And I want to show you guys how that works here.

So when you’re in your job offer, we build this more, get more applicants. And when you click this button here, basically we’re pushing to Google jobs right now. This is a better feature it’s free. Uh, for the next two months, we’re testing it out. See if it brings more volume. Uh, we want to track conversions. We wanna track volume, but this is a good way to get started on Google jobs. So you start to show on the search results and uh, not only, uh, on indeed, why, because you want to show up in three places this box on indeed <affirmative>. And hopefully if you did a good job on your page, on your job page, on your SEO page, you’re gonna start to show up eventually in the second or third page from your own company. So for example, this company here, king of mates, you see, this is a natural result of a company, uh, here in Miami.

And then you’re gonna see, you know, clean authority. This is their page. So the third page or second or third page is where those natural search engine results of those, those companies start to show up. So think about this. If you show up on Google or indeed, and then you show up on the search results, you are gonna be very ahead of most people. Now add to that a good landing page, a good site, good photography, good video, good description of your job. Now you’re 80% ahead of most companies. So please make sure that you have this. You have time to set up these things, uh, pay your web developer. Whoever’s helping you in that to really build a quality page with good SEO. Then you’re gonna be a lot more, uh, ahead of people when it comes to creating, uh, volume and bringing people to your company. All right. Let’s um, Let’s look on back here. What else do we have? Okay, so that is basically, uh, as far as that SI recruiter is another player in the game, SI recruiter has been trying to really Coming to, uh, the game of indeed and try to really gain some market share. Uh, we, we, we are pushing right now to see recruiter, uh, why, uh, because SI recruiter pushes the job to obviously their side, but they also push to other smaller job boards. So there’s a, about a hundred smaller niche job boards that receive different, you know, jobs from different companies. And we’re really working on building a better, uh,

Or distribute the job in more places. I think, uh, we are all tired of pain, uh, only indeed and they keep raising prices. They keep doing whatever they want and most people keep Spain. So we think we need to, you know, fish in another pond and really not depend only on one player or one source. We want to, you know, distribute the risk across other different sources of, of workers. So that’s why we’re building more connections to more systems as they become available. There’s not many obviously, but, uh, or bigger ones. There’s not many big ones. There’s glass door, there’s sip. There’s indeed there’s monster simply higher. Those kind are the kind of the big, big players. And then there’s a bunch of smaller, uh, smaller groups or job boards that we’re trying to push the jobs to those sites. So in the next coming months, you’re gonna see, you know, more distribution as far as, uh, pie to other systems. Okay. All right. So, um, I want to, uh, open up the mic to questions, things that you guys wanna share and, uh, would love to, to hear from you guys. I know there’s, there’s people that are struggling out there with, you know, managing the systems. And, uh, I wanna see if anybody has a question that we can help you answer today.

There one here’s one,

If applicants go to a URL instead of email, do they still go through the deal breaker funnel and our questions? Well, if you send somebody from indeed to, uh, like a pipe form on another form, obviously the deal breaker questions, uh, most likely will not, uh, go through on indeed because you’re telling indeed, Hey, do not take the application on, indeed send it to my site, send it to my form and I’ll do the screen because what those deal breaker questions of indeed is that you are asking indeed to screen people for you. The thing is that indeed the screening questions are pretty simple driver’s license or car or things of that nature. But the reality is that there are a lot more question that we need to ask before we consider somebody, uh, viable or somebody qualified for the job. So I recommend that the real screening occurs in your form with all the questions that you really need to answer or, and have answered.

Uh, that’s why, uh, uh, on our forms here that we’ve built, they all come with, uh, their pre template ready for you to use. And they have here obviously scoring attached to those questions. Uh, for example, if you have felonies, you get minus 10 points, you’ll basically be at that point, make mark as a C player and you will not have to deal with this person later cuz the system just mark puts it there and puts it in the C player category. This person will not be able to book a call with you, throughly only B and C a only BNA players can book through a currently, um, integration that we have here. So it’s important that uh, those questions happen in your web form otherwise. And what you’ve noticed so far is that most people, you know, yeah, could have a car and, you know, be available to work on a certain schedule <affirmative> but when, but indeed doesn’t allow you to create more questions that are very targeted to our industry. And what we’ve built here is a fully customized way to create your own forms with your own scoring. And you can change it. You can give more weight to another question or another. So that is a good thing about being able to really create a customized solution here. So that’s why I don’t use Indeeds apply or I don’t take them on indeed, cuz I know I’m gonna waste out of my time. And it’s usually people that are just there trying to collect unemployment.

All right. Uh, with indeed it’s a sponsorship of ads, the same as you paying for the ad. I have a friend in our industry that says she has never paid for an indeed ad, but in the past, if I didn’t sponsor an ad, I basically get no applicants. Okay. Thank you, Lynn. Um, basically sponsoring an ad, which is, uh, going back to my ads here, sponsoring an ad is basically paying for ads. They just call it sponsor. But I mean you can have free ads. You can have the paid ones and this is what I do. Basically I have, if you notice here, I have this one sponsored for two 50 and I have another one sponsored for 500 a month and they’ve sent 536 people. So the reality is that in some markets in some smaller, sometimes a free ad could work. But if you’re in a competitive city like Dallas, Atlanta, or Phoenix and big, large cities with tons of people or tons of good companies with the high budgets to hire people, you’re not gonna get away with a free ad.

So, you know, it really depends on the demographic area where you are that really pushes for an ad that’s to be paid or sponsored or not. So, you know, that’s why I, I tell you guys do not ask your friend in another city, how much they’re spending, because it changes dramatically from market to market, uh, New York city, for example, I have a friend there and he has to spend about $2,000 a month just to stay on top the search results because the density of the city, there’s a lot of volume of people looking for house cleaners. Uh, and then the companies are spending obviously as much money as they can to really bring those applicants versus somebody like in Kansas, in a small town, she doesn’t have to spend a lot because this, the town is smaller and the demand is different. So it’s very important that you, you guys do not really share or ask your friends in other cities.

Okay. Lynn response here that yeah, she makes sense. She’s in a rural area. Thank you. All right, let’s go to another question here. Uh, do you pay indeed for leads if they apply through your URL instead of email? Yeah. You always gonna pay, uh, even if you redirect people to your own, uh, form, uh, why, because that’s, that’s how they are. You’re always gonna pay for those, those people, uh, whatever form of application to email or through, uh, your website or your form. You’re always gonna pay, uh, to be remembered. Paying is what positions you’re you’re at on top of the search results. Obviously combined with the copy, the, the title, uh, the search query, all of that is what brings you to the top of urge. Uh, and then obviously if you have a budget of 500 a month, you’re gonna be shown more times than somebody that’s in the $200 budget and somebody that’s zero budget.

So because remember, if you think about Google, remember Google ads that you you pay through for the add on the top part, the yellow section, it’s the same way you just pay to be on top and to be displayed more times you pay more. So the bigger budget you get shown more. That’s why they track. Um, I was looking here, impressions. Impressions is what’s the amount of times your add is show own two applicants. And the amount of impressions that you get is basically directed or related to the budget and to the description of your ad. So that’s why good copy, good landing page and good budget will most of the time do the job for you, bring in more volume. Okay. Um,

Somebody asks here, as you mentioned, it was not too good to request too little information, but also it’s bad to have too many questions, one steps. What would be an average of ideal number of questions to have in our form? Well, I’ll answer here this, uh, for you. I don’t, I don’t know if it’s the amount of questions. Uh, I think it’s about the right questions. Uh, you know, if this was a, maybe be a cashier’s job, you know, couple of questions will be enough, but since this is a job that somebody needs to go into somebody’s house, I need to know more things. Um, so right here, basically we have, you know, I don’t know how many credit, I haven’t count them really, to be honest, but, uh, I wanna make sure I cover, uh, the following. Let me preview this form here.

I really wanna obviously cover, um, personal information, the basic information about some of somebody I want to make sure I have to know about your experience, your education. I wanna make sure I’m covering the background check section. Do you have felonies? Do you have to suspend the driver’s license? Have you have any issues with that? I wanna have a section of questionnaire, for example, I want to know if you need, uh, if you’re available to work certain days, certain times, I wanna know if you have, um, a vehicle, if you have, uh, you’re allergic to animals. I wanna know sometimes some of you know, of, of the companies, I see ask specific questions. If like, you know, can you mix bleach with this other product? What happens sometimes they wanna know if they really know how, how to clean, uh, with, you know, unique questions.

So, and then obviously the questionnaire and work history. So, uh, these are kind of the five areas you wanna cover, uh, in order to really make a good decision. So that, that will be the answer for that. Just, just, just not too many, not too little. You just have to have the right questions. Uh, we, uh, on pipe har we give you all those questions already for you to use, and they’re basically, uh, you just put in your logo couple, you just change these yellow sections and then you’re ready to go. You don’t have to, he created from scratch. All right. Um, Uh, you mentioned it was not good to request a little, oh, hate that. Sorry. That’s the same one. Okay. Louis. My, my cohost is saying that about 20 to 25 questions is, uh, the questions, the amount of questions are form. Um, so there you go. Yeah. The, the ones that I show you here, this was one, uh, right here. It was 37 questions as too too many questions. And this one was too little. So about 20, 25 questions is good enough to really know if that’s the right person for your job.

Let me see if I have more questions here. Okay. No more questions. Let’s check. Uh, let stop sharing his, Okay. Um,

You have questions, you can also send them to my email or you can send them to our Facebook group, um, every month or so I do a webinar and I try to always cover things that are very relevant and things that are people have having issues with. I know, uh, the market in general, it’s, uh, demanding. I mean, people are looking for, uh, for employees and, uh, you know, everybody’s looking for employees at this point, uh, what really is gonna separate you from, from the rest it’s, you know, your brand, your message, who you are, your copy, you really, uh, wanna attract people that will rather be in your company, not somebody else’s company. So that one is really important that you have a clear message and you have your values that you really want, uh, say it set out in your website. Uh, we, we have a section of values here on our side. Uh, it’s here values.

Why? Because that’s, you know, we, we, we really, we need to bring the people that will fit in our company, you know, before COVID anything with was fine. I mean, nowadays people are very picky of who they wanna work with and you have to be really good at communicating your brand’s message, your values. One of the things that, you know, people come to to work for GMAS, uh, it’s that, you know, we do everything with non-toxic products, green product supplies, uh, and you know, the customers that we attract are also looking for this type of company. So we really, uh, if you think about it, we’re in, we’re like a marketplace, uh, because we’re selling somebody time to somebody that needs it and we need to create this relationship. So it’s, it’s very important that the message to your customer is done correctly and the message to your employee is done correctly. So you can bring those two people together.

Um, okay. And I wanna, uh, thank you. Great info. Okay. All right. So, uh, in the next five minutes, I just wanna cover, uh, one, one thing that I’ve noticed, and maybe you guys can help me with this. Um, so as you know, we all use these different platforms and we all spend a lot of money on indeed and whatever sites that we used to to bring people in. So we, we had one idea on, on pipe was too, basically from all the applicants that I receive in my own cleaning business. And others that I’ve seen is that there’s about a 90% of those people, that one of the, one of those, a percentage of those do not qualify, obviously because they don’t have the legal documentation or they don’t have a driver’s law license, but then there’s another group of people that do qualify, but they are far from my location, or they are sometimes too young or too old or whatever might be the reason, but sometimes we cannot hire those people because different reasons, but they will work for some, anybody else’s, uh, company.

So I was thinking and say, what if I could put all of those applicants that I don’t use put ’em to the service or, or, or to, to a list. So other people, other companies could use those people, um, and instead spending so much more money, new leads, you could see a list of candidates around your local area that other companies couldn’t hire, uh, because, or maybe didn’t have the spot for them, or they just were not a good fit, but the company. So I was thinking of creating like a, just call it like a, um, a mini, uh, how do you call it marketplace, I guess, of where you put all these people that you don’t use. Uh, so other companies locally could use them and maybe you could resell those people, uh, or those leads to other companies, uh, for small a fraction, uh, versus you having to go out there and support money, money.

So if all of us would technically put those people in one side, it will reduce the amount of money that we spent on, on, on leads. And, you know, it will make it more efficient for all of us, uh, in the cleaning business to kind of have a master side where, you know, we put all the people that we don’t use and maybe somebody can use that person and can give my job to this person. So I’m thinking it, something like that. And I would love to hear any ideas about kind of like crowdsourcing <laugh>. Uh, so that is a quick idea. If you, if you, if you have any thoughts about that idea or, uh, would you like to hear more about it or participate or explore more about it? I would love to talk to you. You can send us an email to Juan Piper, and, uh, just maybe contact us through that.

I just wanna explore this, if this is something we could do with our current users. So people can really take advantage of all these people that are being technically not higher or wasted, and it could be a good opportunity for other cleaning businesses to buy those, you making some money of those leads that you pay for to continue hiring. Okay. Um, all right guys, that’s it for tonight, uh, this will recorded and posted in our Facebook groups and on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribed our YouTube channel, go look for us in YouTube as PI higher, and then click subscribe. You get notified every time that we create a video. And thank you so much for tonight and have a great night. God bless you guys. Bye bye.

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