👀 Get your job postings in front of millions of job seekers by increasing job post visibility.

April 29, 2022

Today we want to cover an alternative way to put your job offer in front of millions of job seekers out there.

Google for Jobs is a tool to boost the visibility of your job offers and attract more applicants.

They use artificial intelligence to show job postings in Google search results.

It is like a search engine; 85% of job offer searches start with a Google search.

Google for Jobs uses the different job boards and career sites. 

They aggregate the job offers and display them nicely as search results.

It is a really straightforward process; you have to open the Google search engine and enter the job queries you are looking for. 

Try typing Full-Time House Cleaning Technician – House Cleaner, Housekeeper.

Potential applicants will see the different search results listed and apply directly from Google for Jobs. 

They can even save searches or share the job with other colleagues and generate job alerts.

How can I get my job offers displayed on google?

Currently, you can do this by using a platform that publishes jobs on Google or integrating directly with Google.

Remember that Google for Jobs is not a Job Board; it’s an enhanced search tool that scrapes and features job postings that are already published.

There is no visual interface to publish jobs.

If you have posted your listings on a system that has integrated with Google’s job search engine, you will now be able to reach a wider audience by having your listings show up in Google for Jobs.

Here at Pipehire we have successfully integrated with Google to offer our users an alternative channel to increase the visibility of their job offers.

How to take advantage of Google for Jobs?

Make sure you find the right tool to help you publish your job offers, then follow these quick tips to optimize the job offer.

• Use relevant keywords and phrases familiar to your job, such as “house cleaning technician,” “housecleaner,” or”housekeeping.”

• Make sure to write job titles that are easy for applicants to find, be specific, and include hours if relevant.

• Write a fantastic description of your company.

• Write brief job descriptions with clear headings.

• Include core values.

• Show the applicants real photos of your company. Don’t use stock photography; they need to have a clearer picture of your company.

• Share your job listings on social media. By generating this immediate traffic to your job posts, you will show Google that your listings are attractive to people searching for the keywords included in the job descriptions.

You’re all set if you’ve already posted your listings to websites that have integrated with the Google job search engine. In addition, your listings are now eligible to show up in Google for Jobs.

Pipehire helps you hire better. More reliable employees will make your business thrive. We use a customizable funnel to filter job applicants with the type of worker you are looking for. So let Pipehire do the work for you and help you find the perfect employee for your business!

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