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πŸš€ How to go from Understaffed to Fully Staffed in your Cleaning Business in 2022

Are you ready to capture all the demand for cleaning services? Of course, you do!

But wait, we need people! The problem is how to find people in this crazy market.

In this webinar, we go over an easy-to-follow The Hiring Funnel Framework from understaffed to fully staffed in the new year 2022.

I cover the step-by-step framework of what most successful companies are doing in order to stay staffed and growing while most companies are shutting down. Then, I teach you what I’ve learned in the last 17 yrs and from hundreds of companies I have helped and coached in their recruiting process.

Don’t give up now! A lot of your competitors are shutting down; this is the time to grow!

Get ready for a thriving 2022!

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