🌟 The Dream Manager concept – Supercharging Your House Cleaning Business

Unreliable workforce, no one applying, or employees quitting? Is this your day-to-day? Don’t let it be this way.

β€œA company can only become the best-version-of-itself to the extent that its employees are becoming better versions of themselves.” –Β Β Matthew Kelly.

I reached out to my friend Ken Carfagno, who has been teaching me about the Dream Manager concept and how we can apply it to our industry.

Companies that apply the Dream Manager concepts experience:

βœ… High levels of employee engagement.

βœ… Improved retention.

βœ… Attract better talent.

I think there’s no better time to fix our retention issues with additional training for us and our office managers. Let’s learn how to create a company people have a passionate desire to work for.

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