🥊 How to use Facebook to publish job offers in “job groups” in your city?

Learn how to leverage the power of social media to build brand awareness and generate cleaning applicants/leads.

Pipehire is a great way to post your job offers on Facebook.

Imagine posting a job offer in less than a minute. That’s what we do for you.

Each job offer has the option to be published within the job groups of your city.

First, you must select the job offer you want to post on FB.

Click on the “Publish this job offer on Facebook” button. 

Pipehire will open a pop-up window showing the most relevant groups in your city. 

The system automatically identifies the characteristics/description of the job opening and displays the most relevant groups in the city. 

It also loads job post information so that the FB post is ready to be published.

Select the groups you want to publish your job.

When you click on one of these groups, PH will redirect you to FB. 

There you will need to request access to the group to post your job offer.

Once you have been accepted, you can use the URL and information provided by Pipehire to post your job offer.

Copy and paste the info as shown below:

Remember that by using the URL provided by Pipehire, applicants will enter directly into the Pipehire funnel; the system will help you to pre-select those candidates with the best scores.

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