Side by Side Comparison

🔥 The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Solutions for the Residential Cleaning Industry in 2021

Hiring house-cleaning techs has become more and more complicated, especially when we’re all in the same place spending thousands on Indeed without much to show for it. Thankfully, as our industry evolves, creative entrepreneurs have been solving this problem in different ways.

I want to share a side-by-side comparison of hiring solutions for cleaning employees in 2021. I often see people get confused, asking if they should use Pipehire, Wootrecruit or Blueskies to solve their hiring problems.

All these services above are very different and I want with this article help you understand the differences so you can decide what works best for you and your business. I know the founders of these companies and they are all great people; we’re just trying to solve the hiring and recruiting pains for cleaning-service owners from a different angle. Make sure you listen to the webinar Hiring Trends and Strategies with Amar Ghose so you can thrive in 2021.

So let’s get started.

Hiring Solutions Compared Side by Side


What is it? It’s an all-in-one hiring, HR and management software as a service (Saas) tool for cleaning businesses.

What it does: Pipehire provides an all-in-one online hiring platform that offers everything you need to find, hire, onboard and manage cleaning techs.

Pipehire offers a full suite of solutions into one such as: Applicant Tracking System, HR software, the ability to run background checks, track attendance, complaints, get notifications on birthdays/anniversaries and more, all in one system.

Who is this perfect for? The perfect client of Pipehire is the professional cleaning-business owner that wants to track and measure their whole HR and management operations/processes, onboarding, complaints, attendance, and everything employee-related from end-to-end.

Setup Fee: $0.00. Free migration assistance included.

Monthly plans: $39.00 up $149.00


What is it? It’s a full-service recruiting agency for cleaning businesses.

What it does: Blueskies provides a recruiting-service agency that helps cleaning businesses from end-to-end. This includes posting ads, talking to candidates, sorting through resumes and much more. They will send them your way, pre-screened, for a 1-1 interview.

Who is this perfect for? The perfect client for Blueskies is someone that doesn’t want to get involved in finding and screening the employee, or anything related to the search or evaluation process of candidates. They want a team to do this for them.

Setup fee: Prices might vary. Please check with Blueskies.

Monthly plans: Several packages. Please check with Blueskies.


What is it? It’s a lead-generation service that posts ads on Indeed to generate cleaning-technician leads.

What it does: Wootrecruit will create a landing page for your business and will post cleaning ads for you, then allows cleaning applicants to book themselves using a Calendly and Google calendar integration via Zapier. You’ll get notified of interviews via email.

Who is this perfect for? Cleaning-business owners that need help posting and managing Indeed ads and getting applicants booked in their schedule with minimal effort on their part.

Setup fee: $399- $999

Monthly plans: From $59.00 up to $99.00

Pipehire vs Blueskies main differences:

1. Pipehire is an HR and management software with great customer support and groundbreaking technology for the residential cleaning industry. It was built in-house in 2018 to solve many of the HR problems in our own cleaning business, with three goals in mind:

1. Reduce the time to hire great cleaning employees.
2. Increase the quality of new the hires.
3. Reduce the cost of the hiring process and management.

In 2020, we released it to the public so other cleaning business owners could manage their cleaning techs in one integrated solution.

2. Blueskies is a recruiting agency, NOT a software company, operated and managed by Dan Platta, a great entrepreneur and accounting nerd. Blueskies uses CareerPlug, a third-party hiring software to give you access to your applicants. CareerPlug is designed to publish jobs on search engines. Evaluation and sorting through candidates is handled by the Blueskies team. CareerPlug is not an HR software – it will not allow you track HR data, such as complaints, attendance, expired documents, disciplinary actions, birthdays/anniversaries, etc. Blueskies might use other applicant-tracking systems for their clients, but the important part here is that you understand that Blueskies provides a recruiting-service agency that helps cleaning businesses from end-to-end.

🤔 Can I use Pipehire and Blueskies together?

Yes, you can use Blueskies recruiting expertise to help you find the employees and send them to your Pipehire account for you to do the onboarding, run background checks and track all management and HR-related tasks that begin when you hire a new cleaner. There are some companies using this powerful combination, and you get the best of both worlds.

🎯 Conclusion Pipehire or Blueskies?

If you want a hiring agency to do all the work for you, then Blueskies is the best fit for you. If you want a software tool that’ll help you run and operate your HR department in one integrated solution, then Pipehire is for you.

Pipehire vs Wootrecruit main differences:

Pipehire HR software is focused on these five areas of the business:

  1. Finding/scoring great candidates
  2. Hiring and running background checks
  3. Onboarding the right people with step-by-step checklists (e-signature coming 2021)
  4. Managing employee data like attendance, complaints, benefits, birthdays/anniversaries, time-off requests.
  5. Educating/training cleaning employees and business owners with one goal in mind: Making the process easier, faster and better for the residential business owner.

We believe these 5 areas make up the Employee Lifecycle that must be running under control in order to succeed as cleaning business owner.

Wootrecruit WordPress landing pages are focused on lead-generation of cleaning applicants by helping you post on Indeed and then allowing your applicants to self-book an interview in your calendar.

What’s the difference in the filtering and screening process between Pipehire and Wootrectuit?

Wootrecruit’s filtering process, explained.

Wootrecruit offers a basic filtering process on the following questions:

  • Are you authorized to work in the US?
  • Are you willing to undergo a background check in accordance with local laws and regulations?
  • Do you have a valid driver’s license?
  • Do you have a reliable vehicle for driving to jobs?
  • Are you available to work Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm?
  • Are you afraid of or allergic to either cats or dogs?
  • Are you currently employed?

Applicant Flow:

  1. Indeed applicant lands on company landing page
  2. Answers initial screening questions (above)
  3. An applicant that passes the screening questions is then prompted to fill out another set of questions with their personal information.
  4. Then, the applicant books an interview via Calendly.
  5. Scheduled meeting with applicant shows in business owner’s email and calendar.

At this point, Wootrecruit’s job is over and you should start the onboarding process somewhere else.

Pipehire filtering process explained.

Applicant Flow:

  1. From any source, the applicant visits a custom URL to answer a 4-part application. This job form can be embedded into the company website to increase conversions. Pipehire forms have built in metrics to show you total visitors and a conversion rate.
  2. Once the form is completed the applicant’s information arrives in your Funnel with a “Recruiting Score” on the top right (see image below)
  3. Applicant is then moved to “Qualified Stage” where a quick call to verify the applicant’s questions are true and complete. In this step, you’re dealing with less than 10% of applicants. During the call, offer two dates for in-person or Zoom interview.
View of Hiring Funnel within Pipehire
Pipehire forms have built in metrics to show you total of visitors and conversion rate.

Pipehire handles appointment-setting differently.

4. The applicants who agree to come for the interview are moved into the “To be Interviewed” funnel, and at this point (image below), the system will display the menu below. The applicant is then filtered again with confirmation that he/she must accept via SMS or email.

Moving applicant to “To be Interviewed Stage”
This screen contains a unique url so the candidate can confirm or reschedule.
Text message received by the applicant.

5. If the person does confirm the appointment, they’ll be shown in green and any unconfirmed applicants will most likely be disqualified (In this stage we’re at 2-3 % of applicants).

6. You will continue moving the applicants to further funnel stages once you’ve decided to hire. Pipehire will assist you in the HR process that comes afterward:

  • Onboarding tracking
  • Background checks
  • Keeping track of attendance, birthdays, anniversaries and much more.

What do the colors in the funnel mean?

  • Red: Disqualified; their score is too low and they don’t meet basic requirements.
  • Yellow: Fair/OK; candidates meet the basic requirements but they’re not the most qualified.
  • Green: Best and most qualified; these are the A-players that meet all the basic requirements and, based on their answers to a 4-part application and internal analytics developed by Pipehire, will be shown in green.

Self-booking applicants to your calendar? Shotgun style is not as effective as it seems.

We believe having someone pass the initial screening-question filter is “OK” but is not a great way to find the most capable and qualified employees – definitely not those A-players. Why? Because you could get someone with all the initial questions answered show up to your office and when you meet this person, find out that they’re not a problem solver and they live to too far away from your service area. Time is wasted meeting with people who just pass the basic filter (initial screening) and book themselves on your calendar. Pipehire’s advanced job-application form allows you to filter and give a score to each applicant.

Every job position open will have this color coded scoring.

🎯 Conclusion Pipehire or Wootrecruit?

If you want a lead-generation service with an Indeed account manager, then Wootrecruit is the best fit for you. If you want an applicant-tracking software that helps you find top talent with an advanced filtering process, then Pipehire is for you. Also, if HR is a critical component for keeping your business organized, then Pipehire offers this as well.

Hiring is the easy part! The hardest job starts once employees are on your payroll.

– Juan Chaparro