πŸ™Œ 3 Benefits of an ATS (applicant tracking system) in Residential Cleaning Businesses

1. Accelerates Time-to-Hire up to 83%

Time-to-Hire: All hours needed to recruit, onboard, resume scanning, interviewing, and coordination of appointments.- Are you as an owner, wasting time calling, verifying past jobs?

2. Reduced Cost-to-Hire

Cost-to-hire: The total amount of money needed to recruit a new employee.With many tasks being automated, less human hours need to fill a position, your hiring process is more productive and cost-efficient.– Faster onboarding = Faster client growth

3. Increased Quality-of-Hire

Quality of Hire: The total VALUE a new employee brings to a company with their performance.- Lower Turnover – Higher retention of satisfied customers- Better Company reviews/brand recognition- Quality of life for the owner (my favorite!)\

Is there’s an ATS for Cleaning services? Yes, we’ve created Pipehire for this it will help you in:



  • Hiring analytics (conversions, visitors/abandoned metrics)
  • Candidate scorecard
  • Face to face interview score
  • Run background checks


  • Onboarding/tracking
  • Storing documents in one main digital cloud drive


Need help setting up you ATS for your cleaning business? Contact us and get our Customer Success Manager help you migrate for free.

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