🥳 House cleaning employees birthdays and anniversaries who remembers them? Yes, we do!

It’s very important to build a great company culture and a good reputation with your employees, so you can attract more A type employees. Five benefits of remembering their birthday:

  1. Build good rapport
  2. Shows you’re a professional company
  3. Build relationships that last (means lower turnover)
  4. Better performance at work
  5. Creates more referrals

Pipehire reminds you of this! How? You will get an email and notifications inside your dashboard. Don’t let anything fall through the cracks.

Everyone in your company will get an email.

Get notifications on your Pipehire dashboard of Birthdays, Benefits and Anniversaries.

What else should you remember as a Cleaning business manager / owner?

  • Work anniversaries
  • Activation work benefits

Learn more how to setup this on your Pipehire account:

Need help implementing this? Go to and contact us on the live chat, email us at

Written by Juan Chaparro
Pipehire CEO

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