Webinar: Reducing costs and Learning how to operate a Leaner Maid Service with Virtual Assistants during Covid-19.

April 13, 2020

Covid-19 it’s making us rethink everything….one of those things is how we operate our cleaning business.

Why I started using VA’s?

  • Back in 2015 in was invited to participate in a technology accelerator in NYC, I had no choice but to hire someone.
  • Took a me a lot to let go of control.
  • Helped me think through every business process.

Where to find them?

What to to look for?

  • Reliable/accountable.
  • Profesional writing/grammar.
  • Good english writing and speaking skills.
  • Minimal accent / No accent.
  • Tech savvy.

What can they do?

  • Sales (booking clients, quotes).
  • Scheduling.
  • Accounting.
  • Social media posting.
  • Graphic/web design.
  • anything you can think of….

Tip: Pick one area that you need the most help with and start there.

How to Interview?

1. Start by writing posting a job.

2. Type clear deliverables y expectations.

  • What timezone are you in and what hours are you available?
  • What are your primary skills? Sales, order taking, data entry.
  • Upload voiceover with your sales script -MOST IMPORTANT!
  • Run international background check (Crimcheck)
  • Video call.

How much to pay?

  • $5-8/hr for good VA. No payroll tax.
  • Offer benefits, paid vacation, birthday and Christmas presents.
  • Commissions $3-5 per on new subscriptions.
  • Pay weekly via Xoom direct deposit into their banks.
  • Makes up a great salary in their country.

The Lean Maid Business model

the lean maid business model
  • Work from home.
  • Virtual assistants (sales, dispatching).
  • Employees are dispatched from home.
  • Use software to reduce headcount.

Reduce costs dramatically:

  • Save on office rent instead use shared office/work from home.
  • Use storage units $50-$100/mo vs. a warehouse.
  • Direct dispatch – Employees use their cars – less driving = more cleaning.
  • Use VA’s with good software.

Software I use:


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Written by Juan Chaparro
Pipehire CEO
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