May 25, 2022
💻 How To Design A Job Offer Page That Will Attract Better Applicants?

Hiring is essential to making your cleaning businesses succeed. Every home service company constantly needs a significant number of applicants to grow its cleaning business continuously. When it comes to acquisition, a powerful landing page is crucial. Provably you have spent significant resources trying to attract more applicants to your website or even implementing tools like google jobs, […]

By Juan Chaparro
May 3, 2022
The Best Way to Get Job Candidates From Indeed, Facebook, Google Jobs and ZipRecruiter 💻

Are you struggling with Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or don’t even know how to get started? Candidate management and marketing for candidates is time-consuming, plus the increasing costs of Indeed are making other business owners look for alternatives elsewhere. We discuss how to: – Increase candidate flows from all platforms in under 10 minutes a week. – […]

By Juan Chaparro
April 29, 2022
👀 Get your job postings in front of millions of job seekers by increasing job post visibility.

Today we want to cover an alternative way to put your job offer in front of millions of job seekers out there. Google for Jobs is a tool to boost the visibility of your job offers and attract more applicants. They use artificial intelligence to show job postings in Google search results. It is like […]

By Luis Chaparro
March 15, 2022
🤔 5 Hiring Mistakes That May Cause You To Fail

Hiring good workers is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Having the best people means better care, more clients, and a brighter future. But many business owners make the same hiring mistakes repeatedly, which can cost them thousands of dollars – or worse. Avoid these 5 hiring mistakes that may cause you to fail and get ready to hire better, faster & smarter every time. We hope this blog will help you with crucial information that is easy to understand.

By Juan Chaparro
March 9, 2022
🤓 Discussing W2 vs. 1099 for Your Cleaning Business with Debbie Sardone

Still undecided or unsure how to hire for your cleaning business? Should you do w2 employees or 1099 independent contractors. In this webinar, we discuss with Cleaning Coach Debbie Sardone all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of contract. I’ve personally done both, I’ve spoken to hundreds of cleaning entrepreneurs about this, and I […]

By Juan Chaparro
February 15, 2022
📢 The Future of Finding House Cleaning Workers with Miguel Zabludovsky CEO of Heystack

I had the pleasure to connect with Miguel Zabludovsky a couple of months ago and was blown away by the synergy and shared vision we had towards improving the experience of hiring cleaning employees and, in general, a better job board for our industry. He shared his vision for a better, a way better way to find […]

By Juan Chaparro
December 6, 2021
🚀 How to go from Understaffed to Fully Staffed in your Cleaning Business in 2022

Are you ready to capture all the demand for cleaning services? Of course, you do! But wait, we need people! The problem is how to find people in this crazy market. In this webinar, we go over an easy-to-follow The Hiring Funnel Framework from understaffed to fully staffed in the new year 2022. I cover the […]

By Juan Chaparro
November 10, 2021
🔥 How to be relevant on Google for Jobs

Potential applicants will start their job searching by looking in Google. About 75% of job searches begin there. Google brings together job postings from across the web, whether they’re on websites run by small businesses or job sites with thousands of listings. This helps job seekers easily find their next job directly in Search. So […]

By Juan Chaparro
November 1, 2021
Why most Indeed house cleaning applicants are unresponsive and low quality?

Indeed knows they’re the king of the hill and they can charge whatever they want and will continue to optimize and squeeze every dollar for their applicants. After talking to a lot of other cleaning business owners, I realized why most of the applicants are unresponsive and low-quality applications here are some of my conclusions: […]

By Juan Chaparro
October 26, 2021
💻 Maid Service Recruiting Software – ClickUp vs Pipehire

Can I use ClickUp vs Pipehire for recruiting cleaning techs?The short answer is yes!…but there’s work to do on your part. In this video, I cover what’s needed to setup Clickup for recruiting. All the steps are explained in this video. 👉 Follow us: 👉 Join our Group Want to transform your house cleaning hiring […]

By Juan Chaparro
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