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Hvac Technician

Mr. Rogers famously said, “in a time of crisis, look for the helpers”.

Are you a helper?

Do you pull over to help a stranger change their tire on the side of the road?

Are you the first person friends and family call when they need to move a couch?

When you see something is “not quite right," do you go ahead and just fix it?

Do you believe being comfortable in your home is an Essential Service?

Clearview Services wants you to be our next Superstar Hvac Technician.

Every day you'll serve and protect Calgarians without pause, recognition, or complaint.

Your job is to ensure the comfort and safety of our customers, our neighbours, our community. Our policy is to unapologetically make every sale we can if it will improve the health, happiness, and comfort of our customers. And you’ll do this with the heart of a leader. Why? Because we believe so much in every single person we hire, that we expect you to become a leader in our company one day.

That means we are looking to you for leadership. We want you to take charge of a situation, to own it, to be responsible and accountable for it, and to overcome it. And that means helping people win each day, in a trustworthy and grateful manner.

We kind of obsess about leadership, really. We believe running a successful business means having a happy and healthy culture with a mindset of abundance.

You are not expected to find customers. That’s our job. We invested in a cutting edge marketing program that makes the phone ring all year round. That means more hours, less down-time and a consistent pay-cheque.

We pay well because we charge appropriately, and that means we’re usually NOT the low cost provider in town. To charge appropriately means we MUST deliver a world-class experience to every customer.

And that means we only hire leaders who truly want to deliver the world-class experience our customers deserve.

Here’s just a few of the things we already love about you:

  • You show up early, ready to lead by example.
  • You keep your mind and workspace clean and organized.
  • Your smiles is infectious and you naturally show gratitude for others.
  • You are known to improvise, adapt, and overcome.
  • You can always make complex problems and ideas understandable.
  • You love to rehearse, practice, and develop your skills toward greatness.

As a Journeyman HVAC Technicians you’ll earn $100,000 The top of the top consistently make $165,000+

And we really want you to make it to the top.

You also receive:

  • Full benefits, dental, and vision care
  • The tools you need to do your job safely and effectively
  • Lots of opportunities to grow within the company

As management, our job is to serve our team members. So our training is nothing less than world-class, too. We are 100% committed to you and your development.

Grumpy Gus, Lazy Larry, Whiney Wayne, Entitled Eddie, or Cuttin’ Corners Conrad need not apply. We do background checks, we talk with your references. It’s essential to protect our customers, our team, and our good name. But you’re not afraid of that.

This is the kind of career that requires you to pay close attention to the details. You can’t cut corners and you can’t skip steps. Your first test is going to be how you apply for this position. When you apply, please put ‘I am a Superstar’ on the Subject Line. We’ll explain when you get here…but you’ll never get here if you miss that easy, first step. Most will goof this up. You won’t.

If you’re ready and able to be part of something bigger than just another job, Clearview Services has exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll be a part of a winning team. You’ll have a direct impact on the success of the company. You will be paid very well for your hard work.

Are you ready to change your life for the better? You know what to do next.

Job Details
   Location: Calgary, AB
    Salary: $38 to $45 hourly
    Address: 4805 32 St Se
    Postal Code: T2X 2B3
    Employment: Full-Time
    Job Type: Employee
    Experience: 2 Years

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