Pipehire: All-in-One HR and Management Cleaning Business Software

Pipehire was created of one simple need in our cleaning company:

Hire faster and better cleaning/janitorial employees without sifting through a lot applications and wasting valuable time.... and also hopefully a better tool to manage everything related to employees.

We tried many applicant tracking softwares for small businesses and task management tools to avoid things falling through the cracks like: evaluate and hire good candidates, work anniversaries, birthdays, customer feedback, attendance, you name it plus the all the many tasks and things to remember when you have house cleaning employees.

No software or tool was designed for our residential cleaning industry nor the cleaning business owner in mind, which wears lots of hats to and many things in a whiteboard, excel, paper or even our heads...dropping the ball and not being able to grow because their head is full of things to do.

So we got together about 2 yrs ago and started building a web tool that will solve these problems very well and without the high cost of expensive applicant tracking systems / hr softwares in the market, that's how Pipehire and Textrite are coming to life, simple tools for growing our residential cleaning services.

Would love to hear from you and how can we help your business, please contact us at support@pipehirehrm.com or join our Facebook group to learn more.

The Pipehire team
Juan, Luis and RR